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19th of September 2011

posted 8 Nov 2011, 13:35 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Nov 2011, 13:35 ]

Committee meeting 19th of September 2011 

Present: Jamie Dick, Kirstie Macmillan, Camille Hayes, Jon Harwell, Calum Fisher, Amy Kincaid, Sarah Duley, James Mcmahon, Rebecca Smith, Patrick Jenner

 Meeting opened:  sometime after 1pm


19-25th Sept – Fresher’s week

21st Weds- Saints’ Sports Weds- Surf Session- BBQ – Sinners’ Sport

23rd Fri – Surf session

24th Sat – Saints’ sports Saturday sports fayre

24-25th- WWPF- not enough interest

1st-2nd Oct – Chrissy D’s w.e.

8th- 9th Oct- Leaders’ trip (organised by Calum)

15-16th Oct – Freshers’ trip (James and Jamie)

22-23rd Oct – Tay Descent




-New pool code is c6789z

-Pool session times as last year, start today to be fb/emailed

-Drivers to take their driving licences (+paper to AU)

-AU driving test at beginning of the year, James to ask Sam about minibus tests




-To write big email about everything

-Calendar update done

Saints Sat- get membership forms off of Sam




-Rule sponsorship, as last year

-Adrenaline Ball date to be changed because of clash with WWR

                -Could be weekday? Poss before St Andrews’ day?

-Social Budget for freshers- £60ish for the week but don’t go crazy


-Plastic Cups

-Mulled wine/Pimms/Lemon Vodka Shiz for Weds (£20)


-Burgers, Buns, Sausages, Lettuce, sauces etc (use your brain)

-Tea and Biscuits (Kirstie to bring kettle)

-Pre-gaming at 22 for sinners’ sport



Pool Sessions


-Monday and Thursday this week

-Monday for leaders

-Volunteers to show freshers to pool in week 1


Surf Sessions


-Signs to boatshed sorted

-Swim forms to be sorted by Jamie

-Refreshments to be sorted by James

-Helpers on land and sea – 4 leaders on water at the time (other people as well as Calum James Patrick etc)

-Weds a couple of people at the sports centre to sticker/flyer




Sarah to coordinate

-Freshers Fayre on Sat

-Rota for helping out Camille to organise (email)

-Stickers, flyers, etcetc Union meet at 6.30pm on Tuesday

-Postgrad Fayre? – Melissa?




-Geckos to pool

-Selling useless boats – UKRGB

- Jamie to organise finding out what we need/want from the Perth Show

-Open boats- decided it probably wasn’t worth getting them- better off using the money saved from not getting them for trips i.e. ones like the summer trip





1st-2nd Oct – Chrissy D’s w.e. –not too much interest, if we don’t end up going send a donation/put on a bakesale



·         Next Meeting: TBA