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posted 8 Mar 2011, 14:16 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Mar 2011, 14:16 ]

Minutes from Committee Meeting




Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Johnny Hawkins (until 1930), Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween, Andrew Adam


Meeting opened: 19.01pm




·         Beginners trip – Sat 5th, Sam organising

·         Etive? – Sun 6th, Patrick

·         Weekend trip – 12th/13th, Jamie




·         Decided that organising trips should not be restricted to members of the committee. If other people express a wish to run a trip then they may if the captain is happy to let them.

·         Issues raised with dropouts from competition weekends if trips are advertised as well. Solution is to advertise these trips later and if people drop out too late then make them pay.

·         Excellence cash – what should we buy?

·         DUCC ceilidh – 16th, plan is to take 2 AU 8 seaters, go paddling with them and meet at the ceilidh later. Jonny organising

·         AGM – how to make it shorter.

       DECISION to hold the AGM on a Monday and scrap the pool

       A double pool session will be held on the Thursday

       Less discussion of the positions will be held, particularly for positions outside of the 4 main ones (capt/sec/treas/comps)

·         Sense Scotland – there is a collecting tin at the bar and a just giving page set up. Please publicise.



·         3 new members taken at refreshers and 6 emails added.



·         Freestyle comp – not enough time to hold one before NSR, however the double pool session after the AGM would be suitable.

·         Dry bags for pool – sorted.



·         Put first aid kits back in the shed.

·         First aid course – 10 people needed. Everyone to pay the whole £35 fee (no club support)

·         Group selection on trips – Leaders need to be more aware of the abilities of their groups whilst on a river and need to think of this beforehand.


·         Aqua Ball – provisionally for the 7th May

        However windsurfing are on a trip that weekend, the May Ball is also then

        Mayber over Easter weekend or the Thursday before the royal wedding?

·         Pub crawl sometime soon after last semesters success.

·         Pudding party – Issy checking with the Rule as to whether they would be happy with that.



·         River skills – trips on a Wednesday would be beneficial and popular

·         Also important to focus on skills during beginner trips

·         Craig and Sarah to add more people onto the safety policy to become surf leaders.



·         Naked calendar – Photos have been taken, we need to find out which! Naked club photo at AGM?

·         Bake sale – potentially in election week, Andrew to investigate.

·         Schools outreach – Andrew to recruit helpers to try and get this off the ground.



·         Drill in the boatshed? Potentially in Patrick’s garage.

·         Certain club members are refusing to pay for a trip.

       Club will not write the money off on point of principle since the demands being made are largely unreasonable.

       Trips are heavily subsidised anyway.

       Offering discounts/payment to some but not others totally contravenes the spirit and ethos of the club.

       In the future, upfront payment will be asked from these members and if the issue escalates then further action may have to be considered.

·         New nylon C2 decks required for competitions.


Meeting closed: 20.25 pm