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posted 1 Dec 2010, 05:47 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 1 Dec 2010, 05:47 ]



Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Johnny Hawkins, Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween, Andrew Adam


Meeting opened: 18.10pm


Previous Action Plan

·         Bake Sale – No mulled wine allowed and finding containers for soup would be an issue. Sarah to check with library on potential dates

·         Boat tails – Tom/Sean to check old throwlines that are fraying and could be used. If not then they can buy some rope.



·         5th – Calum running int/adv trip

·         4th – Sean maybe running open boat trip (tbd)

·         Pool cancelled on Thursday due to Olaf

·         Weekend trip 10th/11th – Sarah




·         Clothing – Decided to have no sponsors (ie The Rule) on the jackets or hoodies. Sarah to email spreadsheet.

·         Club development meeting –

       Blues and colours/membership costs to be put on the website

       New payment for coaches – AU form to be filled in by all coaches

       Rona wants a database of all sports volunteers.

·         Fuel – Please fill up your cars before handing them over and leave the Enterprise receipt in the glovebox to remind you of how much



·         Polo sub-committee – its on the constitution

       Davey, Cami, Emily and Calum keen

       More freshers wanted?

       Patrick to ask more freshers if keen and encourage them to consider the committee

·         Potential for a polo day on Stirling loch or in a pool sometime in the future (ie next semester)



·         Double pool session – 2nd Dec for the freestyle comp

·         Disclaimer finished and in boat shed



·         Christmas dinner

       Back room of the Rule can fit 49 people

       15% discount or full price with wine – decided to take the wine option!

       Other option was to charge full price for the tickets and make a club profit



·         Olaf

       Enough tickets have been sold

       Floorspace required for other unis

       No transport for Friday but potentially keen for paddling?

       Ticket sales outside the union on Thurs – Sarah/Patrick/Calum



·         Naked Calendar

       Photo ideas have been thought of – any other suggestions would be good

       Any people keen to help out with design as well

·         Duck Race – 14th Dec. Andrew is in contact with the schools, more to come.



·         No discount to be offered for drivers

·         Should we think of cancelling trips if the cars are going to be too expensive? (eg Reading Week trip 2010)

·         Confirmation on S&C sessions required from Allan – Do we have a session booked or not? Sarah to check

·         Fundraising – Grant Thornton hold a challenge on April 11th with a large cash prize… Craig to investigate

·         Joel’s tent broke – Club will pay for new poles

       James to but and invoice Calum

·         Carol Singing – maybe in pubs around town, Andrew in charge


Meeting closed: 19.10pm