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25th of October 2011

posted 8 Nov 2011, 13:38 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Nov 2011, 13:38 ]

Committee meeting 25th of October 2011 

Present: Jamie Dick, Kirstie Macmillan, Camille Hayes, Jon Harwell, Amy Kincaid, Rebecca Smith, James Mcmahon, Micah Snell, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, Izzie Tween

Absent – SD

 Meeting opened:  5.05pm



Bake sale tomorrow!

29th – 2*

30th – Beginner trip

29/30th – 4* assessment

31st – Pudding Party


Sun 13th – Div 2

Tues 25th – Excellence minute taking (Camille)



EGM – reps- both positions o be filled on Monday, Beginner rep to end at AGM

-          Short and sweet EGM, everyone there, 2 questions- answer in one sentence

Committee meal – Next week? Jamie’s house

Weds 2nd – Intermediate trip –Jamie to run – N. Esk

Reading week trips – SUS Slalom on Nov 5th Amy= Beginner trip on the Sunday 6th, interm on Mon/Tues



Cake sale tomorrow! Bring your cakes! 10am



Weds Grandtully Session – 16th Nov

2*- Going to try and get canoe +K done on Saturday – 9 people +Jonny, problem with drivers (Micah baby J) but all good because Duncan and Jakub passed AU test! Whoot!



4th November - Polo friendly with Edinburgh +Night out

Wednesday afternoon polo with Dundee – Busy for the minute but after reading week= keen – take one team.



Club finance update – We don’t have much money.

-          £5900 – 5700 (polo boats) = £200

-          But club debt = £1800 = be tighter on getting people to pay

-          Equipment budget =£3000 though, Jamie to squeeze money out of Elaine.

-          Give Dundee an inazone, like for like

-          Claim on boat insurance possibly.

Boatshed gear – Club Thermals

Sean Dugan – 4*open boat- £150



Polo captains - Patrick for first team, K Mac 2nd (Rory/Andre for C Team?)



Pudding party/EGM-Bring lots of pudding – Halloween theme, cancel pool sess? No.

Send out an email on Monday

Music pub quiz by Carl= same night, try and get a team down, Calum keen.

Sinners’ Sport – Calum to get bands and take to BS – Pregame? Unofficial St Mary’s –S+C =no on Thursday morning!



Polo boat storage? -Big Sail boat might be getting moved soon... maybe – Rona Cheapo shed?

-          Big old  ship container perhaps? Estates buy them, maybe could get one cheap?

G Force fixed

Rebecca asked to be informed when polo boats etc are left at the BS after polo matches so she can get them to the pool.



Alps- Why after graduation? Water levels, warmer, etc But internships = Harder to get

-          Keeping separate from club account

AU cars – check that there’s petrol in them BEFORE you take them away, otherwise you’ll have to pay for the petrol!

Polo boats- lies, they’re making them next week

Edinburgh’s Olaf night – 3rd of Dec- then boating afterwards?

Polo paddles not in a good state, £50 for a paddle bag (to fit all of them in) – we’ll look ‘boss’...

Next meeting: Tuesday 15th November, 7pm