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26th of April 2011

posted 27 Apr 2011, 01:45 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 27 Apr 2011, 01:47 ]

Present: Jamie Dick, Kirstie Macmillan, Camille Hayes, Jon Harwell, Calum Fisher, Amy Kincaid, Sarah Duley, James Mcmahon, Izzie Tween, Micah Snell, Rebecca Smith, Patrick Jenner (present 19.06).

 Meeting opened: 19.04pm


1st/2nd May – Sea paddling

-James to organise (surfs up?)

 6th – Bonfire/STAUCC Awards

7th/8th – 4* Training

7th/8th – Intermediate/Advanced trips

-Anyone keen to organise a trip should email Jamie before Friday

26th/20th May – Summer trip

11-18th Sept – Pre-Season

19-25th Sept – Fresher’s week




·         Email/CMP- club email account can be accessed through the Club management portal (search for it on the AU website). Emails will be forwarded on if unread.


·         Pre-Season

-Many 5 star coaching days plans (including white-water racing, slalom, polo, trip out west etc)

-Sign up needs to happen before summer (focus on improving paddling at every level, intermediates being pushed to do more advanced stuff, beginners getting to intermediate level, try to involve lots of freshers (who will be second yr)) get chatting to people in pub to get them keen

-Jamie- Meeting with AU next week about PS


·         Focus update

-Focus status confirmed, messages about it slightly confused though

-Meeting with Debby should clear things up

- Big pot of money

-Focus clubs= extra cash


·         AU development fund money

-Buying Cathy’s boat (£300) Jon to put in an allocation of funds



·         Saint’s excellence program money

-Money left? C1/C2 decks


·         Sports fayre

-Dicko v. Keen to get lots of people there... there will be food


·         Dundee pool – possible polo training pool next yr

-Kirstie being kept in the know about any meeting that might be happening


·         Stash

-AU has left over stash we can get our hands on at discounted prices- to be put in w.e.

-Kukri (awesome) guys coming to the AU on the 10th/11th- to let us look at possible stash for next yr email Jamie if you want to be there too

-If they don’t do something that we want we can look elsewhere


·         Freshers Week ‘11

-Get thoughts mulling on publicity ideas, stunts, etc...

-Film nights? Pudding fests?


·         Summer ‘12

-PJ keen for the planning, Alps, Pyrenees etcetc

-Get something cooking for the beginners too... i.e. something along the lines of what  the beginners did last yr




·         First aid kits

-Now being kept at 22 St Mary’s Street, remember to go and get them for trips

-One to be kept at BS for surf sessions


·         Weds afternoon trips

-Trips to N. Esk as well as G Tully

-Trips at a discounted price of five quid a pop

-Trips working well (Amy)




·         End of year bonfire

-6th of May

-Awards/nominations (e.g. best) to jm2252 – to email ch663 for w.e.

-awards for all the 4th years graduating

-everyone gets an award, primary school styly? Too long...


·         Pub contract

-Plan to stay at Rule next yr, meeting on Monday

-Invent a cocktail- cocktail  consequences...




·         Canoe&Kayak magazine

-Sarah and Jakub in the planning, Jakub providing photos

-brainstorming ideas to make it fun and interesting- e.g. a week in the life of Honny Jawkins... J

-Goggle doc it for everyone to input?

-Put in stuff about outreach (e.g. Madras coaching, duck race)


·         Summer trip update

-10 boats secured (6 from Amy’s dude +trailer) and 4 for £25 on first days then £12.50 on consecutive days, can be put on top of cars, shotgun new AU bus.

-Bringing along topo duo plus couple of Kayaks

-To take place on the river Tweed, Starting at Peebles going to Berwick-upon-Tweed

-Massive shuttle at beginning to minimise faff

-20+ people signed up... pray for good weather J

-Any money left in budgets to try and subsidise it?... not really, shouldn’t be too expensive anyway




·         Blogging

-Need to update more regularly (assign people on trips to write them) to avoid backlog, send blog posts to

-Put names at the end to make sure you get the credit!

-200 words 5 pictures

-Sense Scotland- Sarah

-3* Canoe – Rebecca to delegate

-WWSR – Amy

-Calum – Level 1

-Camille – Open boat trip/Aqua Ball/Alumnae trip this weekend

-SUS Saint article (Patrick can you email it to me)

-BUCS – K mac


·         Equipment fund

-£1.5-2 grand atm- saving for something big...


·         2nd May 600th anniversary film

-Sam says they want to film us on East Sands- coincides with sea paddling trip


·         Awards for all

-Already applied, should hear back from them soon


·         Club photos

-To be bought from Sarah w.e. (not @ pub)


·         Kit people want

-Group shelter from alumnae... Jamie Adam’s on the case

-K mac – polo helmets

-James- sit on tops

-Cheap dry suit on UKRGB


·         Next Meeting: Tuesday 10th of May, revision week time tbc