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27th of September 2011

posted 8 Nov 2011, 13:36 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Nov 2011, 13:36 ]

Committee meeting 27th of September 2011 

Present: Jamie Dick, Kirstie Macmillan, Camille Hayes, Jon Harwell, Calum Fisher, Amy Kincaid, Sarah Duley, James Mcmahon, Rebecca Smith, Patrick Jenner, Izzie Tweenatron

 Meeting opened:  sometime after 7pm, meeting started late... apologies.


8th- 9th Oct- Leaders’ trip (organised by Calum)

15-16th Oct – Freshers’ trip (James and Jamie)

16th Oct – Div 2 Match (K to organise sending team from freshers’ trip)

22-23rd Oct – Tay Descent (w.e. K to organise)

23rd Oct – Div 3 (k to organise)

29/30th Oct – 4* Assessment (next week’s w.e.)

29th Nov – Adrenaline Ball (date change)

Gorge Walking?



- Driver registrations - Drivers to take their driving licences (+paper to AU)

- Minibus tests - people have to be free on the eve of the 27th Oct and the day of the 30th oct, Sarah potential

-AU driving tests – 13/14th of October (w.e.)

-S&C sessions Jamie to organise a time weds/thurs/fri morning and then advertise, working on getting it for free

-Kukri - all priced up and ready to go

-Beginners rep to be given defined role and then changed to be elected at AGM instead- Jamie to discuss with Izlar

-Coach excellence – this Saturday = child protection, to be organised by JD – Safety officer becomes child protection officer as well




-Membership update – Camille to keep track of who has paid etc.




-Tay Descent plan - w.e. focus on getting freshers on beginners trip (K mac to send email to tay descent about not being able to register on the Friday night)

-Polo sub-committee – to be started again, Jakub and any others to be arranged by K mac

- Help picking people for div 3 teams




-Adrenaline Ball date changed because of clash with WWR




-Trees! – offsetting CO2 footprint! Applied to Woodlands trust to fund 420 trees – will find out about it on the 10th of October trees to be planted in Kingsbarn – big out reach project – awesome J

-C&K article update – trying to get it into magazine, no feed back from other – suggestions included Scottish Paddler, The Saint, Canoe Focus

-BASE – spread the word to get enough people interested, Sarah to have people email her with times they can do, the keener the better (Camille is very keen :P)




·         Next Meeting:  Tuesday 11th October, 7pm