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posted 6 May 2016, 11:54 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  03.05.16

Time: 1730

Location: The Rule

Present: BP, JM, SL, Jaxe, Khad, GG, SC, AT, CJ

Apologies: CP, HC, (AP)

Late: EW


Former glories

·         Revision week trip was excellent

·         Sinners was good, but not enough tickets

·         Boatshed clean? Not much happened - future date to be set.

o   Surf session was excellent

·         May Dip

o   Absolute success


Upcoming dates

·         Summer Trip

o   In the works; hopefully getting some more Canoes

§  Glenalmond looking positive?

·         Post-exam Etive trip?

o   18th/19th June

§  18th would clash with exams

§  19th would clash with bonfire

·         Bonfire on the 19th

o   Awards form is being filled out, v. successful so far

o   Pallets?

§  Khad to email Elaine

·         ALPS TRIP

·         End of year rodeo

o   Tuesday 10th

Standing Items

·         Gear

o   Inventory to be done

o   Re-affiliation done

·         Action Points to be done



·         Sarah's boat

o   General consensus is: no

o   Not to be bought

·         Pool session/sea session turnout

o   Pool sessions:

§  More structure

·         Specific skill each week?

·         Signup sheets (poll?) for attendees?

o   'Strike' system for absences

o   Same deal for leaders' poll?

§  People to learn how to teach

·         Level 1 for next year

o   Sea sessions:

§  Have a set plan each time?

§  Or give people options?

§  Leaders' signups; all sign up for at least 1 week at begining of the semester?

·         Khad to mock up spreadsheet for next semester.

·         Blog posts

o   Polo

o   Sam's trip

o   JM to chase people up!

·         Sponsorship

o   Had a meeting with The Rule

§  Can't guarantee any more money due to refurbishments

§  Pub on Thurs. needs to be earlier - food will be at 20:00.

·         Need to let them know by Wed. lunchtime how many there will be.

o   This will be tricky if not impossible. Solutions?

o   Corporate sponsorship

§  AT, Georgia & CP have meeting this week

·         Freshers' week

o   JM to email about BBQ

o   Committee Meeting to be had the week before

o   All web, media & publicity stuff to be sorted in time

o   No pool sessions, just sea

o   Social to be organised

§  On the Tuesday

o   GiaG session on Wed.

§  ALL committee/leaders to be there

o   Sinners Wed. evening - payments online

o   GiaG on Fri. as well

§  Same deal as before

o   Bonfire on the Friday night.

o   Sports Fayre on Saturday morning.

·         FRESHERS' TRIP

o   Drivers to be secured etc.

·         Leaders' Trip

o   PS to sort

·         Club kit

o   Playerlayer being uncommunicative

o   HC to organise polls etc. and discover what people would like



·         SL

o   Transport budget due

§  Bad job done of updating it

·         Questions raised - NSR Silver, 10 days instead of 8 for Level 1

o   Make sure to fill out transport forms correctly

§  AU details have come in, £2000 spent on vehicles, £600 left in budget

o   In future: keys and vehicles to be picked up earlier?

·         AT

o   Awards procedure?

§  Plates first (bonfire), then online.

·         BP

o   Potential for Tom Powell to come on Summer Trip

§  Boats and places to be counted first.



Meeting ended: 1840

Next meeting: NEXT SEMESTER!