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posted 8 Sep 2016, 09:40 by Canoe St Andrews

StAUCC Committee Minutes

Date:  06.09.16

Time: 1400

Location: The Rule

Present: EW, BP, KHad, AP, CP, SL, JAxe, CJ, AT, JM

Absent: PS

Apologies: SC, HC

Late: GG (1413)

Honorary mention: Amy Bretherton for being awesome


Former glories

·         Summer Trip

o   Great success!

o   Get in touch w/ Perth about boat

·         Alps Alps Alps

o   Greater success!

o   Every year from now on?

·         Post Grad give it a go

o   v. good - more to come?

·         Preseason

o   "A f**king great success"

§  Dre, 2016


Upcoming dates

·         7th and 9th = Give it a go Sessions

o   ALL to be there

o   Meet @ 1300, boatshed

§  JM to post on Leaders' page

o   Friday: combine w/ GeogSoc

o   Tea/coffee to be provided?

§  Biscuits, hot juice?

o   Cake!

o   Mr Canoe?

·         10th Sports Fayre and Bonfire

o   Fayre

§  1000-1600

§  Let the record show that Sam does not like Sports Fayre

§  Bring laptops & any canoe kit you can

·         Wear club sunglasses

§  JM to bring posters & flyers

§  Min. 5 people there at any one time

·         JM to do rota & put on leaders' committee & canoe pages

o   Bonfire

§  2000-LATE

§  Several other bonfires @ same time. Make ours best!


·         Get on it post-sinners

§  Pallets

·         JAxe has ~6, AU should be in touch w/ more

·         All help to find/move

·         Leaders Trip

o   SL is publicising

o   As many 2nd yrs as possible!

o   Grade 3/4 stuff. Tummel/Nesk?

o   Wild camping this year.

·         Freshers Trip

o   24th-5th Sept.

o   BP organising, but can no longer go

o   Securing kit from Dundee

o   ~50 people going

o   Campsite £6pp

o   All to publicise from the word go!

o   Leader:Fresher ratios to be worked out!

·         Exec Trip

o   KHad to run

§  Weekend after FT

o   Leaders needed

§  BP, JAxe, JM?

·         Ball

o   12th Nov, Hotel du Vin

o   Organisation: good job so far!

§  Looking into Ceilidh bands


Standing Items

·         Finance Update

o   Outstanding cheque: in progress, for beaters.



o   Publicity, Pub, Pool, Sea Sessions, Bonfire

§  Pool sessions

·         Publicise & attend!




·         Money, Money, Money

o   Trip Pricing

§  General ballpark pricing beforehand, rather than specifics?

§  Difficult to price up before it happens, and can disappoint people.

o   Tilt

§  Download it to phones! Use usual logins.

§  Encourage Freshers to use it!

o   Membership

§  Recent increase - £35 year, £20 semester.

·         Free sunglasses!

·         Still reasonable, should not affect how many people sign up, but boost for the club. Particularly in wake of budget cuts i.e. transport!

·         Should have been more discussion beforehand

§  Membership plan to remain simple, rather than overcomplicate w/ other options.

§  Alumni?

·         Previously: Day Membership.

·         What to do w/ Alumni who use different amounts of club kit/resources

·         Flat yearly rate for Alumni in St Andrews all year?

o   £45?

o   Case-by-case basis?

·         New day rate?

o   £2 trip, +£4 for kit hire?

o   No charge if drivng/help rather than hindrance?

o   Again, look case-by-case.

o   Club Debt

§  New limits for whether you can go on trips or not:

·         £60?

§  To be affected by how long debt has been owed?

§  In future: cut off of 1 month for getting reciepts in.

·         Polo, Polo, Polo

o   Be positive about Polo!

§  Particularly for Freshers.

o   Friendlies

§  SL to organise.

·         Week 5?

o   Ref course

§  In Edinburgh, 8th Oct?

§  How to fund - club/AU/personal payment?

·         1/3, 1/3, 1/3?

·         Coaching budget?

·         Pub, Pub, PUB!!!

o   This Thursday: BIG session

§  As big a committee & leader presence as possible!

§  Publicise

·         Stickers, food, games

o   Everyone: buy drinks!

·         Sinners

o   AT has all 35 tickets, £8 each.

o   First come, first served. No reserving; be at Predrinks @ Castle to buy.

o   Promote as much as possible!

·         Club Calendar

o   Can anyone help Dr Dre make it more fun? :)

§  JM to assist?

·         EGM

o   Thurs. 15th

o   Replacing PS & HC?

o   1min speech for each, plus questions

o   All committee to attend!



·         CP to get driving!

·         JM - flyers and posters!

o   About to print. To be spread & handed out by as many as possible.

o   20 colour posters, 500 A5 flyers.

·         Get Freshers more involved in the club!

o   Invite them to events, take them out for coffee/drinks/banter!

o   Message them, include them.

o   3rd Years: adopt them!

·         Walking buses:

o   KHad, EW, JAxe? from fountain

o   JM, BP? from DRA/AU

o   CD, RR? from Albany

·         Things we can improve on:

o   Converting Social members

o   Vehicle stuff

o   Committee discussion

o   Faff/organisation

o   Attendence?

o   Committee issues getting too personal?

o   People making an effort w/ tying on boats etc.

·         JM: Weekly email tomorrow & Sunday. Send me stuff!

·         BP: Alps refunds

o   SL: soon!

·         AP: Send Canoe stuff using Canoe email!

·         CJ: promote us in Halls chats!

·         KHad says thank you :D :D :D




Meeting ended: 1545

Next meeting: 20.09.16, 1700 @ The Rule