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posted 16 Dec 2010, 05:39 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 16 Dec 2010, 05:40 ]

Minutes from Committee Meeting 


Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Johnny Hawkins, Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween, Andrew Adam 

Meeting opened: 18.10pm 

Previous Action Plan

    • Thanks to everyone who organised and helped at recent events!


    • Duck Race – 14th Dec, 2pm
      • Schools now sending 30 kids down (we hope)
      • Volunteers needed for duck-catching, organisation and safety?
      • Committee are being issued with ducks to sell – keep hold of them unless you’re sure the sponsor is coming down.
    • Div 2 – Transport needed for this only, no other trips on 18th/19th
    • Inter semester – Nothing planned, if people want to do something get in touch with Sarah


    • Clothing – Order has now gone, the stuff will probably not get here before Christmas…
      • Logos are on the back of everything
      • Sarah to collect moneys…
    • Focus club meeting – 17th Dec, 12pm. Email Sarah if you want to go.
    • Strength and Cond
      • We’re meant to pay for these, other than the one starter session.
      • Also meant to send the progress reports to Allan.
    • Bake Sale – Table to be brought from the Castle, alternatively the trestle from the boatshed.


    • Polo sub-committee
      • Jakub, Camille, Laura.
      • Been in contact with the crazy lady from Stirling about SUS…
    • SSS-X! – Patrick spoken to Glenshee and other unis…
      • Lets see what happens, chaps…


    • Fundraising – Grant-Thornton too much effort, faff and cost to be worth it unfortunately.
    • First aid kits
      • Don’t use stuff from them unless necessary (ahem, latex gloves)
      • Email Craig after a trip if they have been used so they can be kept updated and complete.


    • Naked Calendar
      • Academic year calendar to replace this due to lack of time.
      • We might get naked in the Rule on Thursday to this end…
    • Carol singing – Andrew in control, emails going out Wednesday 8th.


    • Refreshers fayre
      • Small ad campaign
      • Fee £10 for the semester
    • One space on the Christmas trip up for grabs…
    • Surf cancelled on the 8th due to bake sale
    • New meeting times next semester so that people can make it to hall dinners. Times TBD.
    • We could have a gym polo skills session (similar to pre-season) – 0730-0830 Wednesdays or 2100-2200 Saturday.
      • Also plans to have a polo skills session in the pool next semester.
    • Don’t swim in the pool

Meeting closed: 19.50pm