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posted 15 Feb 2011, 06:27 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 15 Feb 2011, 06:29 ]

Minutes from Committee Meeting




Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Johnny Hawkins, Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween, Andrew Adam


Meeting opened: 19.03pm




·         Beginners trip – Sat or Sun 19th/20th

·         Div 3 20th

·         BUCS Polo – 16th/17th April

·         Sense Scotland – 19th March




·         Sense Scotland want £100 pounds from us to take part in the day, Sarah will try to negotiate this. Otherwise set up a JustGiving page, put a collecting tin behind the bar in the Rule?

·         All clothing here except Result jackets – Sarah to collect money over the next couple of weeks.

·         Sports rash vests – left over from last semester. Jonny will try to sell them on.

·         Refreshers Fayre – Jamie to organise.

·         Driving tests – Mon/Fri of week 2, people to contact Sarah if keen.

·         Focus feedback – any feedback to be passed to Sarah to hand on to the AU.



·         SUS! Trophy to the Rule?

·         Jonny to check on Blues and Colours criteria for polo

·         Patrick is keen to hold training sessions/tryouts for the polo teams nearer to BUCS. The aim of this is to improve the level of our polo, increase fairness in team selection and create better team cohesiveness.



·         Cycle/Canoe race – We’re still keen, Jamie to check that cycling are as well.

        Easter probably the best time in terms of availability and exposure around the uni.





·         Storage – For the gear that gets used infrequently (e.g. at Freshers)

       Suspend in the boatshed in bin liners?

       Ask for storage in an AU cupboard?

·         Wildwater screening – Sean to look into booking School 3. Possibility of holding a raffle for funds? Also potential of inviting Edinburgh/Dundee.



·         Please actually take throwbags on your trips…

·         First aid kits are now done

·         First aid course lined up – no date fixed but should cost £35 each for a two day course. For future weekly email.



·         Pool sessions – Encourage use of coaches.

·         Competition/recreation balance

        When leaders are on comps, no other paddling really happens.

        Club needs to decide on a balance between recreation (currently plenty of), and competition (a rising proportion of our time).

        Issue requires recognition not action from the committee

·         MoP2 – Screening at the castle sometime in the next couple of weeks – Jonny

·         Club will gain £100 from the excellence program – what to spend it on?

·         AU will receive £3 million from the 600 year celebrations – potential for some polo boats?



·         Yoga is not on any more

·         Hopefully we’ll get food on Thursdays now

·         Aqua ball – other clubs haven’t got back to Issy yet, although she’s pushing them to join. In the event that it can’t be managed then maybe hold a club event?

·         Dundee ceilidh in March.

·         Surf sessions – back on