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Committee Meeting 06.09.2015

posted 2 Oct 2015, 09:47 by Canoe St Andrews

Preseason was good thank you to AP and all the drivers 

Freshers week 

 Pool session

 Give it a go

o need to advertise on fb "class of" pages 

o tight timings 

o JP - laptop for sign ups

o HF, SL, Khad - on venga for give it a go from 9 am possibly collect stuff

o Hot drinks – JP

o Khad to message all leaders to get them to turn up 

 JA  Monday weekly email shedule with link to membersip costs and AU membership, 

sinners link to event page, diving tests 

 Friday give it a go also

 Bonfire Friday 

 Freshers prep banner will sort later

 HF to email about BBQ and ask about paddling pool

 AP buy burgers 

 Canoe vids on sd card AP

 Need 3 laptops. AA has projector but bit fiddly she can show Paddy.  Laptops: AP, 

Khad, Paddy 

 JA to email JM about posters all info of all info of give it a go and bonfire.

 Friday night setting up for sports fair Khad to be contacted. Work out about extra 


  Walking bus for Pool leaving  twenty to eight from fountain so can put in publicity 

 New Banners?

 Flyering publicity stuff. Post on leaders page about flyering on meet at khads at 3 


 Sinners? SL or TS Poss host get BA for sinners. Work out later put on event page

 JA for freshers fair rota, decide and Hour long slots.

Leaders Trip

 ES and HF to org leaders trip and chat about ideas 

Freshers Trip

 Source Kit: From Crisipn? Gina can liase, can check with uni highlnds & islands as have 

been good in the past 

 AU blue red venga and 2 vans booked

 Need to add other drivers to vans. HF to change drivers...


 Khad to sort out cheque with cricket 

 RR -  check on kit order

 Freshers Plan:

o Tue pool 

o Monday pubm flyers 

o Web sinners giv it a go

o Thirsty pub 

o Friday give it a go , bonifre 

o Sat fair 

o Club excellence!

 C2 SL 

 Three leged pub crawl? 

 Gear:

o BAs?

o Buy new stuff berore freshers trip for 30 kitted up frehershs frip 

 Test BAs by tying 5 kg weights to them if in doubt ask AP or Paddy

 Don’t take foot rests out of boats poss buy new ones