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Committee Meeting 09.02.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:07 by Canoe St Andrews
Present: HF, TC, JA, KHad, FL, BP, AP,SL,ES,GG, CM,JM

Applogies: RR

Former glories 

 SSS Polo

 Sunday Ericht trip

 Sinners

o Did well, 7th or 8th place, fabby

o Good

o Brutal

Standing Items

 Finance update

 Bra <|

 Beaters and calendars

 Last years calendar to Chrissy D’s charity

 Alps

 Venga roof rack

 Rule Sponsorship 

o £1158.71 in  bank currently 

o We are owed money by AU and membership and deposits

o £4052 if we chase up all money up 

o Good 

o HF to let surf know

o Poss pick up from Clair’s house if get enough

o £273 profit from calendars

o Calendars? 

 Discount sale? 

o KHad to email 

o Just Chrissy D’s car

o SL to chase up venga bus

o Poss James McM

o ES still on alps trip atm but wants out

o Keep chasing up AU about rack

o TC to check JP about contract poss negotiate asap

Upcoming Dates

 BUCS Slalom

 20-21 Feb 2 star

 River Trip 21st  Feb

o AU red seats and venga bus rack

o BP and ES check doc on drive

o Transport by end of the week

o Int trip ¾

 27th  Feb 

 Big breakfast 28th 

 5, 6 March NSR

o Beginner Trip

o JM and HF

o Just bash down some knar 

o Stanley, Dee, Tully

o CHECK 28th!!!!!!! CM!!!!!!!

o For RNLI CM keen

o Book transport

o Sort Who is in each car?

o Group costume 

o Christmas themed 

 Not NSR Etive Trip


 Div Polo

 Pool sessions 

 Cupar pool sessions

 P in the Loch 

 BP  and FL

 Clothes update

 Player layer 

o Not annoyed at us but still pulling out

o Not paying them

o Mix it up

o Games 

o Poss regular slot?

o AP check with Pete if poss

o Cold 

o Folk love polo atm 

o Practise for BUCS 

o KHad to org

o Decks

o £28 each, keyhole big decks

o Waist sizes, 4 keyholes, 2 big

o 2 small 

o Check with player layer about tees then get it from other company as it is 


o Keep same logo as beaters 

o RR and JM to work together on it 

o Just keep generic personalisation. 

o Poss rule on sleeve for extra sponsorship JM

o Poss performance gear next year

o Thermals

o Fleeces

o Rash vests 

o Board shorts 

 AU Budgeting System 

 Trasnport, Gear, Development 

 Membership, trip fees 

 Safety 

 Dre: Proliferate knowledge

 Aqua ball dates

o AU treasurer 

 Budget for everything for next year

 Outgoings: 

 Incomings:

 Ensure that kit budget stays separate as we payed into it.

 By 22nd of Feb

o Ladder

o Just buy ladder

o Awareness of trips

o Ask to keep white board at pub

o Talk and message folk directly 

o Old Course 

o Launch night 

[Exeunt: Khad, CM]

 Social with the DUNDEE crew

 Keep First Aid Course in Weekly Email

o Sinaars?

o JA!


 JM:

 ES

 AP

o Polls good on leaders group 

o Add new folk to leaders page

o Bring you flat mate to pool

Next meeting:

23/02/2016 at 1730 at the Rule