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Committee Meeting 10.11.15

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:05 by Canoe St Andrews



Absent gave reason: JP, ES

 4* Good

 Adrenaline Ball Good but…

 Finance 

 Online Shop

 Last weekend “alumni” trip

 Cambo

 Blog 

 Clothed calendar

o Bouncer was late, try and get money back

o £1000 equipment fund

o Sent out trip fees 

o £5000 in account

o Chrissy D owned

o Folder in inbox, leave unread of SL

 JA to add to minutes

o Condition for trip: pay deposit first

o Could all members pay deposits for trip

o Get photos to AA

o 18th of Nov

 AU car as if any more can shuttle

 Ordering bat / bird boxes tonight

o GG  - send to JA 

o Academic calendar?

Upcoming Dates 

 Beginner trip Sunday (15/10/15)

 Free car Saturday (14/10/15), gnar? 


 Club day in

o 28th Nov

o Films 

 AA’s Projector

o Board games

o Mattress fort

o Beeriocart

o  Rock band 

o Kitty? 

 Christmas Dinner 

o 1 Under would do a £16.95 a head; free wine and 3 course

 AA and TC  to help with Kitty

 TC to negotiate with Rule, afterparty at Rule?

 Check 1 Under can make our date of 3rd of Nov

 C2

o Naw pal

o Work with CDuo and try to get everyone keen 

o Invest time in CDuo

o Should get one in time

 Kit 

o Paddles 

 Perhaps a cheaper one

 30% off

 Paddles - £28 each for 10 

o 4*194,3*197,3*200

 Other folk can get their own at the same time, chat 

to BP 

 Do orders separately if poss

o Back rests 

o Gear officers 

 FL

 Strap them up

 Review boats which have issues 

 Bazooka has lost its footrests

 Loose in a private boat 

 Could BP get to sea at 1 pm

 Poll for sea session and pool

o JM

 Christmas Trip

o 20th/21st December 

 AA and RR  to sort trip

 Gnar?

 Hostel/ camping?

 Send JA blurb for email

 Canoe Across Scotland:

o With STAAG

o Charity 

 Organise 

 Food

 Canoes rented 

 3 days paddling flat 

o Canoe getting involved: 

o Transport

 Could be minimally involved

 Could Just put forward experienced person who can canoe,

 Canoe members as Guides 

 Or 50/50 split

 Don’t get AU vehicles, just get train 


 AA

o Paddy

 Any rain

 KBurn

o Fb

 TC

 Khad 

 SL

o Last committee meeting 

 Clair and AA swap position 

o Beaters 

 £10 each 

 MS Scotland

 In Dundee

 Could get them on a trip

o Calendar 

 Harwell to send picks  to AA

o Don’t put spey decks on boats 

o Naked photo Monday 16th at Rule 

o Ticketed event in pub house party instead 

 SL is keen

 JM don’t advertise pub

 FB event 

 Weekly Email 

 Batman

o Rule 

 Enough food 

o Preseason in Jan

 Dev! 

o Polo

 Dates overlap so want to drop back to div 4 


 Drop out 

o Operation Christmas Child Charity Box

 Collection at SL’s

o Alps 

 No reply though

 Chat to ES about drivers 

 Get email out 

 JA 

o Weekly Email PwC quiz

 AP

o Nope

 JM

o Incident

 Ankle hurt twice

 Taken to hospital

 Disappointed by hotel staff

 Pressured by hotel staff not to call an ambulance 

 Rude, patronising, unhelpful and poor service 

 TC to complain about incident and lack of security 

o In hindsight was wrong call

o What do we want to do as a club?

o JM to send email to TC about incident

o Other people involved could also send emails to add pressure. 

Next meeting 24 Nov at 1800 at Rule