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Committee Meeting 13.10.2015

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:02 by Canoe St Andrews
 Welcome to Grace and Tim

Cycletricity was good

 Beginners and improvers training was good

 Sam

 AA

 Base 

 Kinnesburn sweep

 Private Boat Inventory

 Chrismas Dinner

 Voulenetteing portal

 21st Wed House Crawl before polo.

 Polo friendly in Glasgow 22nd Oct against Strathclyde and Glasgow

 24-25th Oct WWSR

 4* 

 Adrenaline Ball

o Perhaps less bevvy for certain members next time 

o Finance update…£3843.39

o £242.50 spent in cheques

o Preseason accounting done, club spent £117.50 subsidising preason

o Owed money £558 

o Online Banking HF, KH and SL

o SL and HF  to organise

o Cambo – Plant trees, clear bushes, November 

 On normal club session – Wednesday

 Check what date is good; pick a Wednesday

o Kicking off

 Induction for new members 

 Clair is most involved 

 Next session next Friday

 New volounteers are better ideally

 JA to chat to Clair about new members 

o No response so far from Canoe but people are keen

o Possibly next wed or Tuesday, Wed ideally for polo

o Dre to look into reporting it to council 

o Sort date 

o FL to put on drive 

o Thursday 3rd December 

o Rule

o HF to sort out 

o Polo 

o Amy Reeves, Castle, Beth, Pattrickannie 

o Event before Thursday for kitty

o Amy Reeves can bring folk back 

o Or Cap it 

o How many teams do opponents have 

o All 6 full house

o Transport booked 

o 4/5 folk

o Hotel du Vin 

 60 dinner 

 80 dance 

 9 Clubs keen 

 7 Nov 

 Meeting with different social secs 

 Launch night at Rule

 Then pub crawl to all other clubs sponsored pubs

 Chat to alumni 

 7 Nov

 New idea – Tully Races – 31 Oct

o TC to assist 

 SSS Indoor Slalom

o Dundee swimming pool 

o TC has done it 4 years 

 WWR Bucs 

o Entries in by end of October 

o Weekly Email

o Leaders

 Stratts’ trip

o Sarah drive

o Tummel…not releasing but hey ho

o Weekly Email – Improver Trip

 Agenda

o Time of committee meeting 

o  6 pm next 

 Pool session update

o JM to send out post saying no pool

 Put trip deposits on online shops 

o £5 for day

o £10 for weekend trip 

 Equipment fund

o Still good amount to money 

o £2444.23

o C2

o Do AU match money put into fund

 New Equipment 

o Paddles

 Problems with Equipment

o Boat shed must be left in reasonable condition

o New cags not to be used on the ocean

o Possibly write on them in pen

o Club tent kept at Patrick and Annie’s

 Operation Christams Child

o Pot luck

 Clothed calendar – fundraising calender

o Weekly Email – send Sam cool pictures, photos or senic, kayaking, 

 Check with SL before 

gnar, ETIVE! 

 Pwc Quiz – 1430 Arts Lecture Theatre 1

o £10,000

o 3 man quiz team

o  JA to investigate

 Source to St Andrews

 Blog

o JA to ask Gina how to log it

o HF to send Grace a description of her blog post about joining the club

 Dundee want to borrow kit

o Weekend of WWSR

o 10 sets 

o Do they need paddles?

o People on Dre and Stratts trip to select the boats they want 


o AP

o Grace 

 Post on the group if they want to join the mailing list 

 Can you add a wee message

 Better food at the pub

 JM keen to trawl through go pro footage

 To create freshers group 

 Weekly Emial 


o TC

 Pork pies not great pub food

 Working on Tully races 

 Possibly run trip on Sunday after Tully races

o Amy 

o BP

o ES

 Worth going through action plan? No as Hugo does that

 1St Nov trip 

 Small trip

 Sarah might want to organise

 Restarting the quotes page – Any good quotes 

 Halloween party

o Where? 

o Slip and Slide?

o AA

 Naked Photos 

 Sorted before November

 More scenic ones 

  Be creative

o Khad

o HF 

o 27th October next meeting in the Rule

 End