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Committee Meeting 15/09/2015

posted 2 Oct 2015, 09:49 by Canoe St Andrews
Present – HF, Khad, FL, AP, ES, SL, BP,JA,RR,TS,JM,AA

Absent - JP


 We need to reaffiliate with SCA 

 Please endeavour to be on time 

 Freshers was Good, with good posters and good sea sessions, thank you to all 


 Finance Update – Signatory changed HF, AP and SL can get online banking, 

ES needs to get back on ASAP

 £4600 current 

 Preseason from last years or this years transport budget?

 Awaiting on membership money for this year 

o Spent £600 on transport overspend so £4000 to spend

 Upcoming dates:

 Leaders trip

 Alumni membership cost? Increase to £40 from £35? 

 Freshers trip:

o Planning underway

o Van drivers changed

o All membership and alumni have paid for leaders trip 

o No keep same cost

o Moving Slowly 

o Khad is on board

o Kit – DUCC will give kit but they want our kit in oct 

o Strath can provide 5 kags, 5 wetsuits, 

 KHad will follow up

o UHI?

 KHad will follow up

o Crispin 3 of everything

o Edinburgh

 KHad will message

o Other clubs like Forth etc

o St Andrews Alumni with cars

o How many Spaces in cars? 

o Leaders situation is not too bad

 Use “super leader” strategy. 

o Sign Ups, Full payment, pool, wed, pub, poss next Mon

o Food:

 TS: Burgers, AA 84 BBQ, 40 Veggie Burgers

 Slices cheese, 

 Sauces

o Camping, let SCA know just before we head off, 

BAs – FL, BP, AP

 Check all BAs and mark broken ones

o Then work out how many new ones to buy once we know freshers trip 


o Check inventory

Courses FORM – Add to weekly email JA, get everyone to fill it in

WW Safety and Rescue – AP 

AU Exec and Beginner Trip 3rd/4th of October – FL, KHad

 Invite Exec 

 Keen freshers

 Book transport – Venga and Van? 

Adrenaline Ball

 Nov 7th – Cross Country want to join party - JP

Meeting with Pete 

 Any issues email AP, SL or HF

 SL, AP  and HF to meeting and org date

Club Excellence Meetings 

 Look at slides if you missed yours they will be on CMP

Pool and Sea session Publicity 

 Every week put message out 

Change Wikipedia article 

 JM

Still give it a go sessions 

 Don’t need membership this week, so still give it a go even if never been in a 

boat before

 Membership by end of week 2

Last night pub social

 make it more fun, games and stuff, getting freshers involved…, everyone has 

to make an effort, group things, All get involved 


 945, 830 for food

 Themed social, big blow out, thurday or Monday 

 Thursday, Three-legged pub crawl

o Need to know by Wed TS, JP tonight 

EGM/OGM, assign new position… date?

Pudding Party

Player layer 

 RR spoke to PL and coming next week, online shop, 

 Khad customisation


 ES, SL keen to org



 21/22 Nov WWR 

 22 oct Strathclyde polo friendly and out in Glasgow


 L1 semester, not subsided by club but sportsscotland funding, 

  anyone else keen?



 Qulaification document AP more accessible

 Email – volunteering recognition scheme portal 

o Bronze 

o Silver

o Gold

 Meeting, Coaching, Volunteering

 Goes through HF

 JA to add to email 

 Individual Hours logged

 Could present as a club thing – get every one on board

Pool sessions – 

 afterparty, chilled socials, games etc, impromptu


 Pool coaching scheme 

 No balls in pool

 “Batman” social fest 


o Chase up JP for sea session names

o Preseaon  costs 


 Na


 Weekly Email Requests


 Na


 Na


 500 flyers,Keep then for Surf session, socials, pubs  

 Distribute Before feshers trip 



Constitution By end of week 2 

Not discussing it now by new name? Canoe and Kayak club has been mooted

Next meeting in week starting 28th of September