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Committee Meeting 24.02.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:08 by Canoe St Andrews
STAUCC Meeting 24.02.16

Present: JA, AP, R, FL, BP,TC, SL, ES, HF, JM, GG, KHad

Apologies: AR, CM

Former glories 

 BUCS Slalom

 Stanley

o Well org,

o 20 points off 7th

o Enthusiastic 

o Good competitive and fun atmosphere

o Good

o Transport hiccup 

o BP chatted about 27th trip but need to sort out 27th trip

o Check transport as recent faff

 27th Trip

 New transport person at AU

 Captain Hugo always submits transport!

 Check on CMP that transport actually is booked 

 Finance update: 

 Transport booking 28th but should not be booked 

 AU budget

 Bras 

 Alps

o £2158.17

o Cheques to SSS £210

o Claims to put in

 Eg paddles 

o £125 quid from Sam Roberts

o ES to cancel transport

o SL handed it in

o Stressful

o -£7500

o Transport, development, pool, training

o No CM

o No venga

o JW car

 Keen to help

 Get Rory keen

o SL car but in Devon

 SL to pick up…

o AP to meet ½ way

o James McMahon 

 Could come with us

o Possibly Wales… but hopeful

 Rule Sponsorship 

o TC naw

 PlayerLayer

o Meeting with PlayerLayer RR

 Pool sesh Cupar

o Would be good before BUCS POLO

o AP to chase up CC KHad

 Div Polo

o Wait and see

 Decks

o BP to discuss with SL 

o SL to give BP money then BP buys it!

 Dates

o 27th Trip JM

 Solid 1 day tasty

 Chloe drive

 Venga

 BP chief

 N S R

o Mental

o Leave at 3pm – 1030pm

o Still one space

o Just sort out leaving times

 Not NSR

o AP book transport

o Not Etive

 23rd/24th March First Aid

o Possible development AP to ask

o £600 for 6 folk

o Put price on it

 9th April P in the Loch

o Enter

o Don’t want to clash with Ball

o Try to get BUCS full first 

 Aqua Ball

o Poll on Friends of St Andrews Canoe Club from AR

o First 2 weekends in April 

o Last Week before Spring Break launch party

 Dundee Sinners

o Didn’t come together this week

 Sinners

o Tonight


o OGM 

 Next week

 Tribal Challenges

 Start at ES’s House

 Thursday of next week 3rd March

o AGM 

 Canoe Across

 SCA focus club

 Easter Trip

 Environmental

 Last Week before Spring Break

 Club photo

 Thursday 10 March

 JM camera borrow from KHad

 Before AGM

 Prep Hand over doc ALL

 All on drive! 

 Change it please for your year

 Please have ready for next week

 Get it done 

 Need by AGM!

o RR is keen!

o Chat to Dre about it!

o Visit 14th March

o Strategic plans

 Any ideas talk to Dre! 

 HF to attend

o Last weekend in Spring Break

o AP point of contact 

o K burn or Beach Clean

o Beach clean! 

o Sub for sea sesh Wed 

o First week back 

o RR to org

o Chat so surf

Standing Items



 JM

 KHad

 AP 

o Boat shed left open

o Chat to Surf about leaving it open

o Some freshers can’t afford trips… 

o Might be the fact that SL has been so on top of pricing trips

o Poss AU fund

o Coaching?

o 2nd/3rd April 

o Polo coach

o Normal coach 

 RR

 HF

o Tell Pete to see if he can subsidise it all

o Dev for ref coach for polo

o Get your flatmate to pool next week (29th to 4th), Mon and Tues

o Cheap kit

o Beaters etc

o Same logo as normal 

o Ask AU and PlayerLayer first

o Ask Sarah Thompson

o Didn’t get team kit this year

o Summer Trip

 Chat to UHI in Perth

 KHad keen!

 And SL


Next meeting:

Week 7 at 1730 ish at the Rule