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Committee Meeting 26.01.16

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:06 by Canoe St Andrews
StAUCC Committee Meeting – 26/01/2016

Present: HF, ES, CM, FL, RR, GG, KHad, JM, SL, BP, JM

Apologies: AR, TC, AP

 Former Glories 

o Last semester was good, cheers to all and all not here, TC, AA, AP 

o Mini preseason tasty

o Burns night was great

o Finance update

o Meeting times 

o Pool sessions

o Sea sessions – BP well keen, can folk get C2 (duo)

 About £2500

 1730 on Mondays

o Alps 

o CM – Full role now

o Dre’s calendar looks good

o New paddles look good

 Poll JM 

 Posts JM

 Cars

 Jon Wyles 

 Chrissy D is keen but does his own thing after

 Send emails to everyone we know for cars for nest meeting 

 Beater/ calendar

 Decent, getting them shifted

 Weekly email JA

 Mark up and length

 Add to inventory on drive FL and BP

 Upcoming Dates

o SSS POLO – good to go! 

o Possible Grandtully AP Sunday 7th

o Possible harbour training

o BUCS Slalom 

 15 to 17 going

o NSR 

 30 folk

 Bike locks for boats on roof

 Accommodation £15 per head per night

 18 folk 

 2 cars 

 Need to book

 VENGA and something else

 Agenda 

o Anti NSR trip AP 

o Pub sessions - Rule opens next Friday (5th) 

o TC and AR mad sinners plans 

 House party pre sesh in town would be ideal

 Refreshers fair 1030 till 1630

 Who is keen:

o HF, JM, 

o Possible on Canoe Club Group poll HF – morning, afternoon 

whole day

o Banner, leaflets

o Poster JM socials and training times poss blow up flier 

o In Union

o ES make wee event on the fb for give it a go on Wed 

following refreshers fair (3rd)

o AU driving tests 

 Merlin and Alex

 Need to get membership

 FL and Marcus keen

o Bras – CM

o Pub quiz – CM, AR, TC 

o Article in Saint

o Div Polo

o Aqua Ball in Apr 

o River Trip Update

o First Aid  - 22 and 23 MARCH Spring Break 

 Do it yolo

 Drop off on a trip

 Chat to other clubs

 Sponsored prize

 All money 50/50 charity fundraising

 Raffle good prizes

 JM take a look ideally by end of week

 See semester 1 report from HF

 No team in this year 

 Not allowed in Div 4

 Can’t make Div 3

 Charging us £180 for dropping out

 Do one email then leave it

 Next year cut div 4 

 Next year negotiate with SCA to get dates sorted 

 Keep friendlies on the books tough

 Get Dates Sorted ASAP for alumni  

 Not many up but other stuff on the way

o George Fell

o Weekly Email Blurb


o ES

o CM

o FL

 Decks, get new ones or folk buy their own 

 Possibly buy no more than 5 decks

 Back rests fixed up now after mini preseason 

o RR

 Freshers Box

 Posters, stickers

 What to do with it?

 Just keep for now

o GG

o KHad 

 Can get non customised kit in online shop

 RR look in to customisation via email 

 RR look into cheap kit eg Canoe St Andrews

 RR Email AU about Team Kit eg rash vests for competing

o SL 

 Finance update 

 £2565.25

 £1000 owed by members in trip fees

 Need to get KHad on internet banking 

 NSR £1060 possibly second deposit as trip is notorious for folk not 


 Online Shop for deposits is tasty but no cash from AU yet SL to check

 Transport

o SL to ask for breakdown then apply for REALLOCATION 

Next meeting 8th (MONDAY!) of Feb 1730 at THE RULE