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Committee Meeting 27.10.15

posted 10 Mar 2016, 12:03 by Canoe St Andrews
STAUCC Committee Meeting – 27/10/15

Present: TC, AA, BP, GG, KH, HF, RR, FL, SL, JA, ES, BP 

All deemed as late except ES, HF, FL

General note to please be on time and if you would care for a drink or food please allow enough 

 House was crawl good 

 Polo was good

 WWRS was eventful

 Operation Christmas Child 

 Volunteering Portal

 Quotes page

 Scenic/Granny calendar 

 Naked calendar

o Could be more folk

o Canoe will raise £15 for transport of boxes – Have whip round Sinners Pregame and 

Monday pub night

o Current balance £3405

o Affiliation to SCA set us back £150 

o £500 deposit for SCA

o Waiting for weekend deposits 

o Not sorted Online Banking yet 

o Get Khad on the bank account

o Date set as 18th of Nov

o Transport will need to be sorted in due course, could always shuttle if need be

o Getting set up by AU

o JA post soon

o GG has blog to do

o SL finish his

o RR has blog to do

o Send quotes to JM

o Or put them up yourself 

o Just first names and first initial 

o Troll photos from fb

o Get in weekly email JA

o 7 photos 

o Cambo, Guys, Girls 

o Khad might have extra from last year

o Xmas one 

o Possibly one at Rule 

o Printed by end of Nov

o JA weekly email 

 GG – Freshers Group on fb 

o If any freshers events going on let GG know to put on group

 Private Boats 

o Inventory done

o Which boats to move or get removed by owners

o Transport booked for 9 which is a bit late

o Emailed Pete to sort out 

 Beginners trip 31st of Nov

o AU Blue 

o 6 boats 

o 3 leaders 

o 3 freshers 

o Possibly cycle shuttle at Stanley

o Or Mini Tully Races

 Adrenaline Ball

o Other Clubs interesting in helping organising 

o Launch party Thursday (29/10/15)

o Ceilidh band

o Sound system from JBH possibly 

o Union will not give sound system as other ball at same time

o Alumni 

 If on a trip remember to take a naked photo

 Possible ask other kayakers if they are at Stanley

 Invited to event 

 Messaged

o Share event if possible 

o Launch party

 Sandy’s bar 

 8pm

o Need numbers for Transport

 28th Nov Club day in

o AP keen to org

o Venue – Dre’s 

o Different rooms different things 

o Kitty? 

o Christmas dinner

o Start of study leave 

o Book soon

o Paddles

o Backrests 

o Footrests 

 Chat to AP and Paddy

 Yellow Ainsworths  - £40

 Discount for bulk buying and student club

 Possibly £40

 Check AU put it through so chat to Sam first 

 2 of 194, 4 of 197, 2 of 200

 Sponsorship from Ainworth? 

 Webbing Straps 

 All boats have proper or foam foot rests

 Don’t take out or if you do put them back in the boat

o Could put up about St Andrews 

o Spend Green Award Money

o Fundraising idea put people’s names on it?

 Dance ticket bake sale  

o All day 

o 1 Hr long stints

o For fundraising

o And Dance tickets 

o GG  to post in Freshers Group

o Free Monday

 Leaders at Pool and Sea Sessions 

o Need more  

o Possibly have sign up for Pool sessions and sea

o JM put on fb leaders page before Sunday of Each Week

 Intermediate Trip 

o Day of Adrenaline Ball

o Weekly Email 

o HF – to organise and HF email JA with blurb 

 Beginner Trip 15th Nov before WWR

o Day after SSS

o Khad to organise

 Post about big WWR bracing practise sea session HF

o Kitty TC to post on page. 

 Discussion whether it is worth it 

 Conclusion - Still try to get it

 SL offer him £1000

 FB page 1000 please share

 Sponsorship idea – put companies’ stickers on boats and paddled so they always appear in 

Next meeting 6pm the Rule