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Committee Meeting 29/09/15

posted 2 Oct 2015, 09:50 by Canoe St Andrews
Present: Ben, Rhanna, Stratts, Kathryn, Hugo, Andre, Sam, Freja, 

Jacob, Jamie, James (arrived late but notified comittee)

Absent: TS

Meeting commenced: 17:35


 Be on time - HF

o only get drinks if you're here 5 minutes early, 

 Finance Update - SL

o Money missing from memberships. 

o Will message AU treasurer. 

o Freshers Trip £32 per person.

 Freshers trip Roundup

o Everyone was happy. Freshers good at kayaking. 

o HF: Leading system was good.  

o AP: Everyone is a coach every leader diid well. 

o HF: Organising was messy, but it all worked out. 

o SL: Camp site needs to be paid for. Sam will take care 

of it. 

 New Kit

o Its beautiful

o Paddles are still needed. 

o (Claim) Apologise: Sam, Freja and Dre.

 Coaching form: 

o everyone has to do it!

 Alps:

o Stratts needs to find her bag of stuff. 

o Nothing more to talk about atm

 Volunteering Portal:

o Hugo has to set task for the rest of the club, and they 

can attend them. Hugo will structure volunteering 


 Transport budget:

o Before (last year): £3000

o Now : £1200

o Fundraising is necessary for future trips. 

o Unhappy!

 Sinners 30 Sept - JP

o Email didnt go through

o If tickets come about, get them if not: 

 Castle for pres

 Possibly Lizard

 EGM -  RR

o Sent James an email for weekly email and asked Ty to 

o Event must be up asap. 

o 8 o'clock


o NEW DATE 8 Oct 

o JP to order food

 Our events are coming up too slow (especially 

compared to surf) - AP

 Beginner/Exec trip – FL

o Domestic travel form 

o Send details email on Wed - FL

o Group Meal 

o Deposits 

o Semester membership requred for Exec as they need 

o Each leader has exec and fresher 

make an event. 


to be members Khad to send generic email

 Adrenalin ball - JP

o Reserved date 7 Nov good for Canoe and 


o Tomorrow afternoon for chat 

o Dance make money on

o Dinner don’t make money on

o Pot luck for dance to push dance 

o Pub Crawl/Launch Party to sell tickets poss through 

each sponsored club

 Dates

 4 Nov SSS slalom Dundee

 21 Nov Wild Water Racing 

 White Water Safety Rescue 24th Oct

 4* training With Chris Dickinson 31 Oct – 1 Nov

 Beginner/ Intermediate training 10-11 Oct – AP

o Plug it to freshers 

 Polo Pinkston - 22 Oct 


 Trip sign ups

o SL deposits £5 for trips and £10 for weekend 

o 2 weeks in advance trip must be organised 

 Pool and sea sessions keep it up!

 AP – Wee after pool chill out advertise through fb 

 Parameters for trips 

o Drinking before trips – not on

o Specific behaviour – who ever sees it puts a stop to it

o Organise freshers better – tell them how they can join 

in getting stuff sorted

 Private boats

o Organise back of boat shed

o Move Luke and Cammy Private kit to Dre’s

o Remix is club boat. 

o FL BP private boat invertory 

 Blog 

o Leaders trip – SL

o Freshers Trip – RR 

 Outreach - AA 

o Get in touch with Cambo - AA

o Need to buy 100 trees form Woodland trust - AA


o Sorted 

 Kinnesburn Clean - AP

 Tully Races – 7th Nov – AA 

 Fundrainig Ideas 

o Sponsorship, Hotel du Vin, Raffles 

o Put adverts on website 

o Get on to AU with email – Khad – Priority 

o Bingo, pub quiz, raffles 

o Expedition – 

 Source to St Andrews 

 Calendar – not naked! Christmas presents - SL 


 DreOB

o Encourage and help all committee members to do their 

 JP

o Rule Contract – Tell them when we want Christmas 

o Start planning Pub crawl / House crawl Thursday week 

o race 2 teams can affiliate to an AU club, 


dinner – HF

5 ish 

 let every one know

 help publicity for them

 ES 

o Xmas dinner, tab £100 + 20 

o BA – the ones which work do  not use for Bas for 

 KHad 

o Add minutes for weekly email - JA

o Keep Inbox Clean - JA

footrests anymore 

Next meeting 13/10/2015 at 6pm in the Rule