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posted 28 May 2015, 13:04 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: ES, JA,FL, BP, JM, JP, HF,AA, JW, KH,SL,

Late: RR, TS

Commenced 1730

Standing Items:

  • Pool and pub postings  has been good
  • Bank, is being processed, SL to keep processing, cannot currently pay in money
  • JM fb merging group and group, still to contact NM, quick!
  • STAAG payment from Shuttle Bus, SL, to pay in when bank account is sorted,
  • Reaffiliation kind of shorted few wee non essential bits to do
  • ES has all first aid kits currently
  • Summer trip safety needs sorted
  • Committee profiles JA, JP, TS
  • JM  to sort out minutes and weekly email on website
  • Club tent still in JW and TC shed, BP and FL to put in boatshed before summer and measure poles, possibly next week
  • Tarp in back of boatshed could look it out


  • Preseason plan? Trying to sort out coaches ie out west start on Thursday. AU know vague plans
  • JP to liase with PS and KH about collection of wood
  •  AA end of year awards, JA to put in WEEKLY EMAIL, deadline 18th May
  • ES has done end of year survey, JA WEEKLY EMAIL
  • James Flemming payment, AP to sort
  • JP,TS sort sponsorship by Rule or someone else
  • Boatshed clean up!!!! Good turn out, FL to sort inventory before end of term!!!! Put on drive and send to AU and HF
  • Freshars!!! Plan,
    • sports fayre, AA to organsise,
    • JM to publicise,
    •  JP and TS for social,
    • HF to book transport for sea sessions
    • Freshers week page JM – links to fresher’s events
    • HF to book BBQ for Sports fayre
    • Club guide info will be sent out later from AU
    • Put join canoe club on pillow cases
    • Flyering, JM to talk to NM about flyers, JM get new photos on  flyers, folk to put banners in windows,
  • Freshers Trip:
    • Transport, contact SCA
  • Leaders Trip/ Wet West Paddlefest
  • SL and JW to empty pigeon hole
  • Next meeting preseason, keep checking fb page though and stay in loop


      • JW
        • Some clubs do not use google sites, do you want to change it, JM or TS?
        • Anyone in St A over summer, fb page
      • KH – last pool and pub and surf:
        • Games/ rodeo in pool 19th AA and KH to organise
          • Big Summer Blow Out – AA, KH  possibly challenges,
        • HF  to email Madras that 19th is last pool night
        • Wed 20th last sea session but will need to see who can make it
      • SL paypal linked to AU phone JW to sort, JW get behind AU desk, SL  to liase with JW and ES
      • Monday 18 last formal pub session, JP and TS
      • Tuesday 19 start at Rule TS and JP to book
      • BP – decks sorted he thinks
      • ES – Get club camera for summer trip


Next meeting: preseason any more ideas/ concerns please refer to page