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Committee Meeting Minutes: 28th April

posted 28 May 2015, 12:59 by Canoe St Andrews


Apologies: AP

Meeting Commenced: 17.33

Standing Items:

  • Committee profiles

    • Committee to send stuff to JM and photo

  • SL Banking, ES and HF to meet

  • Paypal SL chat to JW, not urgent

  • Online banking, ES, SL JW to sort out

  • Tent replacement poles BP and FL to check


  • Shed clear out 29/04/15, got inventory; everyone boat shed at start then BBQ, get sharpies later, BBQ prep, BRING OWN FOOD, TS to get coals! And Firelighters

  • May DIP House crawl, WEEKLY EMAIL JA link to fb, TS to host breakfast, TS and JP to organise  and to tell folk who own houses what order etc. Possibly Beer Olymipics themed but needs to be decided soon

  • Pointless, fundraising CALL for HOUSES, currently at TC and JW hosting currently but too small.

  • Summer Trip JW organising, 3 per boat but currently negotiating for more,


  • Preseason 30 th of August  to 6 of Septmber, pinkston, slalom practice, out west, only objection is moving freshers organising day earlier as it works better in the schedule. No, one will turn up on the Sunday before freshers week, KH to get in touch with Dre

  • Elaine Finlay’s birthday, HF to buy her flowers

  • Pool and Pub promotion. JM to put out promo in FB every time it is on. Default setting it to put a post out and assume it is on. Only do not if told specifically that it is not on

  • TS and JP need at least one social sec at every social especially next term

  • BUCS POLO Blog post newsletter TC, possibly send JW the PHOTO

  • Club Calendar HF, KH and AP to discuss   


  • SL: Stepladder on its way

  • TS, JP: Look into sponsorship for next year

  • BP: Pool spreydeck issue, will leave for now unless they get back to us

  • FL: Folk might be taking out our boats which reside in the yard. We can’t do much about it if they actually are. We should get a bike lock for the open boat though BP, LF

  • AA: Anyone know anything about fibreglass cutting. AA to ask Diet Rich.

  • AA: FB group and page linked, JM to make new group for active members

  • AA: End of year bonfire JP, TS to organise. JA put in weekly email. 21st of May, AA is doing plates

  • KH: Could the minutes and weekly emails be put on the website. JM

  • ES: End of year survey HF to have a look at it

  • AP: What preseason courses do you want, see sign up in weekly email.

Meeting adjourned at 1830