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Committee Minutes - 01/05/12

posted 8 May 2012, 16:21 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 May 2012, 16:21 ]

Present: JW, TC, ES, AP, JS, JM, CH, HM, KM, KMac, RM, JH

Meeting commenced: 7:05

·         Standing Items

o   Action plan review

§  Board shorts order sent off

§  Preseason dates available? – Weekly email

§  Loch Tay coaching done, free open boats for summer trip

§  Airbags etc for open boat - £115. Paul Brear’s buying, out of equipment budget. Fitted 02/05 by AP and RM.

o   Finance update:

§  Focus budget – almost out, but not paid for level 2, first aid, ccdw. – Not pay for first aid out of budget?

·         Dates

o   Wed 2ndSkills at Ericht, not north esk.

o   Sat 5th – KMac – 8 people each day. Stanley. KMac not going.

o   Sun 6thTilt if rain.

o   23/24thAlex L coaching. Full. Etive and Orchy? Kingshouse campsite. Tell Alex what you want to be coached.

o   25th-28thSummer Trip. Change on calendar. Collecting deposits.

o   29thRCO.  Ian Vosser, Stirling? Update on what SCA does and what you can get out of it as a coach and a club. Coaching etc. Anyone interested in becoming Level 1/2.

·         AOB

o   Tim’s Gazebo? – communal shelter for camping etc. Bake sale? AP looked into it, TC will follow it up.

o   Fresher’s week publicity. Posters – HM/KM – fresher’s fayre. Motivational posters? Stickers. Flyers re-done.  Sport’s fayre – 15th Sept. 288 Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers free. Bouncy castle (£80, 50p/go). Ergo.

§  Watersports beach party? Sailing and surfing.

§  Saints Wednesday – need to draw people from sports centre to east sands.

o   Banners – to go on table etc. HM found ~£30 on internet. Take to competitions etc. 2x1m?

§  Buy or make? Not out of equipment budget.

§  Possible bake sale to fund.

o   Div 2/3

§  Talked to Calum. Div2 captain next year. 1 training session a week.

§  Div3 – C team to get fresher’s keen.

§  B team mixed.

o   SCA ccdw sponsorship presentation – Fife cag presentation on sponsorship – last year raised £15k.

§  Need to know what we want to buy

§  What are we good at

§  Apply for funding

§  Wish list:

1.       Boatshed

2.       Keep freshers warm.

3.       Long sleeved wetsuits – not fantastic for paddling

4.       Semi dry cags? TC to look into it

5.       BA checks – probably need new ones.

6.       More open boats?

7.       Neoprene decks – lomo?

8.       Helmets

9.       Knarli? Diesel? Neckys?

10.   Plastic slalom boat

§  All to look into grants, sponsorships, etc over summer.

o   Make a trailer and send to companies to gain interest.

o   Emily to do some fiddling (with videos).

o   Snowsports want to get involved with the adrenaline ball – free venue hire at the golf hotel? TC.

o   BUCS/Div2/Div3/WWR prices. Raise price of BUCS and decrease price of div2/3

§ Keep Div2/Div3 @ £5.

§ Slalom/WWR @£15?

o   Increase membership to £25.

§ ½ Year = £15.

o   Pub quiz on Thursday 03/05. TC to organise.

o   Pool sessions continue throughout exams.

o   £500 full excess to fix Vengabus.

o   J.H. to organise trip to Morriston on 09/05.

o   Thursday pool session – open boat, atom etc.


No meeting until preseason.

Meeting adjourned: ~8:15