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Committee Minutes - 18/09/12

posted 6 Nov 2012, 17:00 by Canoe St Andrews

Present:  JW, TC, JM, JS, HM, ES, JH

Late: CH, KM, KMac, RM

Apologies: AP

Meeting commenced: 18:05

·         Freshers week = good job.

·         Standing Items

o   Action Plan Review

o   Finance update:

§  ~£1500 from new members+BBQ.

§  30 paid members from freshers fayre.

§  10-15 new members from last night pub session.

§  Pay membership before allowed to be signed up for trip.

·         Dates

o   22-23rd Sept – Leaders Trip

§  ES to check membership.

§  14/15 currently signed up.

o   29-30th Sept – Freshers Trip

o   25-30 currently signed up. Emailed Stirling/Edinburgh/Dundee for kit.

o   No reply from SCA about campsite.

o   6th Oct – Beginner Trip

o   JS + HM to organise.

o   Stanley?

o   7th Oct – Intermediate Trip

o   KMac to organise.

o   12th Oct – Polo friendly Dundee

o   Girls, boys and freshers team.

o   Chat to freshers about polo.

o   Not weekly email til next week.

o   Potential stay in Dundee and trip on 13th Oct.

o   14th Oct – Beginner Trip

o   KM and JW to organise.

·         Additional Items

o   Adrenaline Ball – 23rd Nov

§  Snowsports and windsurfing also involved.

o   Changing Shed Repairs

§  Repaired with help from Estates.

o   Give-it-a-go on Wednesday 2pm.

§  Membership

§  Swim forms

§  Freshers trip signup

o   Boats to sell/buy

§  Perception sonic £180 bought.

§  S/M Ammo, £280 too much?

§  Need to fix revenges.

§  Small river boats? For girls?

o   RM to source cags/wetsuits.

o   Courses

§  4*/5* training and beginner training this semester.

§  Level 2 training.

§  Chrissy D 5th/6th Oct has 1 or 2 spaces for 5*

§  First Aid, for Level 2 training.

§  £6000 budget, JS to write up.

·         AoB

o   KM to email tunnocks saying thanks.

o   Naked calendar.

o   KM to look into charities similar to Families First

o   Next Thursday, 5 leaders needed for two sessions paddling from East Sands to Castle Sands and back. Field trip looking at marine ecology.

o   Sarah Duley running greenest club competition.

§  KM has list of green opportunities from Cambo.

·         Cutting ivy

·         Planting understories

·         Bonfires

§  Paper-free club

Next meeting: Tuesday 2nd October 1800 @ Rascals

Meeting adjourned:  18:40