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Committee Minutes - 25/o2/13

posted 27 Feb 2013, 06:01 by Canoe St Andrews

Present:  JM, CH, JH, SM, ES, KM, Kmac, JW, AP, HM, JS, TC, RM

Meeting commenced: 17:50

·         Standing Items

o   Action Plan Review

§  Need to sort venue for AGM.

§  Hostel booked for Etive trip.

o   Finance update:

§  £4,233 in account.

§  Need receipts for 4* and Seven0 and Gliss.

§  Waiting on polo fees.

§  Online banking with dual signatory being set up.

§  Online banking now working and can transfer.

·         Dates

o   Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd March – NSR

o   5 seater and Vengabus

o   Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd March – Etive Trip

o   Hostel booked.

o   AU car and MWB van. 10 people max.

o   AP dinner afterwards.

o   Saturday 9th March – Girls Trip

o   HM and SM to organise.

o   KM dinner?

o   Saturday 9th March – Lads Trip.

o   Wizard’s staff challenge at TCs.

o   Sunday 10th March – Div 2

o   CH sorting. Unsure of participants.

o   Sunday 10th March – Beginner/Intermediate Trip

o   Ericht/Blackwater. JM to organise.

o   Dinner at castle?

o   Tuesday 12th March – AGM

o   JW to sort venue 2 + bar? If not preferably somewhere in Union.

o   Wednesday 13th March – Beach Clean

o   KM + Kmac. Green Week. Branch outside of canoe? Ask Sarah Duley for form. East Sands/Castle Sands? Mention to local papers. Tuesday 12th March for drop off of litter pickers etc. Wednesday memo. Email estates for dumping  rubbish.

o   Wednesday 13th March – Sinners

o   Unsure of plans. Facebook or weekly email, give TC £10.

o   Sunday 17th March – Easter Trip

o   To include Div 4 people. CH and Kmac to sort.

o   Sunday 17th March – Div 4

·         Additional Items

o   Extra contacts in Gmail

§  400 more about a month ago. Unsure of how they appeared. Every time someone unsubscribes a part of JW’s soul dies.

o   Bakesale

§  ~£81 or so raised. GlenCoe Mountain Rescue.

o   Sense Scotland event

§  Cold in March, do it later in the year? Clashes with exams.

§  SENSE don’t seem so keen.

§  Loch Tay for open boats?

·         KM and AP may have contacts.

§  Maybe do another charity instead – BASE?

·         BASE do a day around Loch Awe.

§  KM to mention in handover doc.

o   Apres-trip socials

§  When organising a trip, also organise dinner afterwards – rather than having freshers swim and go home without having fun.

o   Social Sec + Committee structure

§  Add another social sec? Edinburgh Canoe, Sailing Club etc.

·         Two people – more ideas etc.

·         Easier to organise balls.

·         Not ideal if two people don’t get along.

§  Move outreach?

§  Two socials, potential junior and senior, and make it Social and Events/Fundraising.

§  Conclusion: Scrap Publicity/Fundraising/Outreach, change to:

Outreach and Charities Officer, and 2 Social and Fundraising Convenors.

To be voted on at AGM.

§  Freshers week responsibility of social, cap and beginner.

o   OGM (Wed 6th March)

§  Chat about job descriptions, why we’re changing committee structure. KM to sort.

§  After party at ES’.

·         AoB

o   ES to organise a trip after Easter.

o   Email committee minutes in weekly email.

o   East Neuk – JS to email people with qualifications.

o   Make sure everyone’s job description includes publicity, ie. Competitions emailing publicity after trips.

o   Cycltricity – weekly email and facebook next week.

o   C2 – emailed asking for decks.

Next meeting: Monday 11th March 17:45 @ Rascals.

Meeting adjourned:  19:05