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Committee Minutes - 26/11/12

posted 5 Feb 2013, 02:37 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: TC, SM, KM, AP, HM, JS, JH, Kmac, ES, CH, JM, JW

Absent: RM

Meeting commenced: 17:50

·         Standing Items

o   Action plan review

§  Safety sessions 2 Thursdays ago.

§  Good adrenaline ball.

§  Naked calendar

·         Photos done, formatting in progress. Printing this week. Hopefully ready  for Thursday

o   Finance update:

§  Receipts for preseason getting claimed back £570.

§  Claiming for boats from equipment.

§  Nothing from internet banking.

§  Dan Craig paid except membership.


·         Dates

o   Thurs 20th Dec - Christmas trip. Let JM know about transport.

o   25/26th Jan - Winter trip. Email sent today. Christmas trip. Let JM know about transport.

o   1st/2nd Feb - SSS Polo

o   3rd Feb – Div 4. CM to email potential team members.

o   9th/10th Feb - 5* Assessment/AWWSR. Email potential keen beans.


·         Additional Items

o   Handover docs

o   First aid course – JH. Email sent out asking people who need it for 4*. EXPAND for people that are desperate. George Fell free any weekend in April. Potentially 6th/7th April. Make sure doesn’t clash with Div and BUCS polo.

o   Div Polo. One date can’t be made from Div 3.

§  Div 2

§  Div 4 x2

o   Alumni Letters

o   Green award ideas. £100 cash prize.

§  Beach clean, East Sands. Equipment from Estates. School involved?

§  More things with Cambo. Tree planting etc. Definitely something next semester.

§  Survey for weekly email from JM.

o   Pool boats.

§  Need to be moved out over Christmas, so St Leonard’s can clean carpets and replace tiles.

§  Move all just before Christmas Trip.

§  Repairs:

·         No reply from Brookbank.

·         Scouts may want to sell us some.

·         Swap boats when we move them back into the pool.

·         Purchase before the end of January.

o   Pool sessions to continue over revision period.

·         AOB

o   Gear officers doing inventory the week before start of next semester.

o   Secret Santa – JM sorting as we speak.

o   Pregame after Christmas Dinner. 6pm for food at 6:30.

o   AP or RM to sign out BAs for sinners.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Next Meeting: Monday 28th January

Meeting adjourned: 18:15 (New record).