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Committee Minutes - 30/10/12

posted 6 Nov 2012, 17:04 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: JW, TC, ES, AP, JS, JM, CH, HM, KM, KMac, RM

Absent: JH

Meeting commenced: 19:20

·         Standing Items

o   Action plan review:

§  Bolts taken out of revenges by AP and RM.

§  Ceilidh – no go.

·         HM and KM to organise ceilidh for next semester.

§  Internet banking form waiting to hear back.

§  Naked calendar needs more trip naked photos.

·         Sorting out print prices.

·         Need more cover submissions?

·         Get Christmas photo done.

o   Finance update:

§  £2590 in equipment budget without AUs money.

§  Spent £1020 on new kit – from equipment budget?

§  Focus budget £3500, need to claim for coaching.

§  15th Oct - £5641.66, need new update.

§  £1313.98 owed.

§  £500 from focus for competitions.

§  Allocation of funds for £300 for div polo – club only needs to pay £90 for div polo. £300 for NSR.

·         Dates

o   Wednesday 31st October - Cambo – weather not looking great. 1 car leaving at 13:25 and 13:45. 16 people. Finish by 18:00. Too late to organise pudding party for tomorrow.

o   Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd November – Edinburgh polo and intro-mediate trip.

o   Sunday 4th November – Advanced trip, 7 people keen. Sean Dugan?

o   Monday 5th November – Rodeo, EGM and pudding party. Speakers, whiteboard, inflatables.

o   Saturday 10th November – SSS Slalom in Dundee. CM to sign up on Thursday.

o   Sunday 11th November – Intermediate trip by JW.

o   Sunday 11th November 14:00-15:00 – slot on STAR radio. RM and KM.

o   Thursday 15th November – ‘Extra special’ pool session.

o   Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th November – Beginners’ Training, Intermediate trip organised by JS and JW.


·         Additional Items

o   First aid course in second semester.

o   Don’t come to pool drunk.

o   Swimming in pool – only if coaching.

o   Handover documents – Committee positions send to James for the first half of the year done.

o   Uganda – meeting in Edinburgh on Friday.


·         AOB

o   Email Stratton once organised a trip regarding numbers of people, vehicles and deposits.

o   Kit from Perth Show – now have 30 sets of kit, minus 7 paddles, wetsuits and 3 decks. Bought 3 decks, 7 paddles, 2 helmets, 6 cags, 3 BAs.

o   Missing BAs from sinners.

o   Charity bake sale to be organised by KM.

o   JM to sort committee secret santa.


Next Meeting: TBC

Meeting adjourned: 8pm