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Committee Minutes 01/04/13

posted 3 Apr 2013, 18:24 by Canoe St Andrews

Committee Meeting 01/04/13 Minutes

Present:  JM, CH, JS, GW, KM, JR, AP, RM, JW, ES, IT, DW SM, JH, HF, Kmac, HM, BS

Late: TC

Meeting commenced: 17:48

·         Standing Items

o   Finance update:

§  £5,018.78 currently in bank.

§  Not updated transport fund yet.

§  Only owed ~£219 from club members.

§  Owe ~£790.

·         Dates

·         Tuesday 2nd April, 13:00 – Cycletricity

§  8 people, 1:30pm @ Church Square (Pizza express).

§  Need volunteers or just a fan club.

·         Tuesday 2nd April, 20:00 – Handover Meal

§  8pm Maisha.

·         Saturday 6th/Sunday 7th April – First Aid Course

§  George Fell. 16 hour course.

§  6 people signed up, space for 6 more. – Weekly Email.

§  Advertise to other clubs if we don’t fill it, but ideally all kayakers.

·         Saturday 6th – BU Creek Race/Intermediate Trip

§  5 people.

§  Camping Friday night.

§  £20, but entrance fees already paid.

·         Sunday 7th April – Charity Dodgeball

§  Signups tomorrow and Wednesday.

§  £2pp. RM to sort.

·         Wednesday 10th April – Nesk/Tully Evening Trip

§  JR to organise. Space for 11 people. Van + AU car.

§  Weekly email this week.

·         Saturday 13th – Intermediate Trip

§  RM to organise. Potentially 2 day trip, alongside Beginners’ Training.

·         Saturday 13th/Sunday 14th April – Beginners’ Training

§  6 people signed up.

§  Email Ian Vosser this week to book accommodation.

§  Sarah driving shuttle bus.

§  Go on Friday night.

·         Monday 15th April – Saints Excellence

§  ES to organise who’s going to each one.

·         Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st April – BUCS Polo

§  JW to sort paddle taping.

§  Need at least 5 people to go down early, at the moment we have 4.

·         Friday 26th April – Aqua Ball

§  TC sorting tickets.

·         Sunday 28th April – SSS WWR

§  Kmac sorting:

·         Volunteers who don’t want to paddle – BBQs, judging and timing.

·         SM spamming for sponsorship.

·         Micah keen to BBQ.

·         Need bibs and entries sorted.

·         Need to email landowners – GW.

·         Thursday 23rd May – Sports Ball

§  DW and HF to organise – ball and bonfire.

·         Additional Items

o   Update from CDO meeting

§  CH, JW, ES and JM present. Told Pete Burgon (Club Development Manager) what the club’s up to.

§  Boatshed redev trying to be done over Summer. Container to put kit in.

o   Pool update

§  3 weeks ago, JM emailed asking for a meeting regarding polo.

§  Fraser threatened to ban us from the pool.

§  Elaine stepped in, Steve (St Leonards) said no-one was getting banned.

§  2 weeks later, Elaine emailed club account regarding the school wanting to add handrails to the pool.

§  We were banned as a result for fear of damage to the rails.

§  Asked for extension to summer but handrails being implemented instantly.

§  AU agree that St Leonards just seem to want to ban us.

§  Meeting with St Leonards with people from AU at the end of next week.

§  Backup plans:

·         Madras College

·         East Sands Leisure Centre

o   Would need somewhere to store boats nearby.

§  Surf session at 4pm.

o   Handover

§  ES to update how to run a trip document.

o   Old Boys team

§  No BUCS polo team this year – do we want to continue funding?

o   Club Photo

§  JH has one photo. Email to old committee.

§  JM to sort printing.

o   Mobile phones on trips

§  Need to start taking phones on river.

§  Buy aquapacks for first aid kit – RM. Weekly email to tell leaders.

o   Rascals Event

§  Charge on the door.

§  TC – organise with DW and HF.

o   Club tool kit

§  JR and JH to purchase. AP and RM to come up with list of stuff the club needs.

o   Edinburgh Jefe

§  Gear officers to decide (JR and JH).

o   Trailer

§  Email other canoe clubs regarding whether it’s worth getting a trailer, where they got it from, and look into licensing – JW.

·         AoB

o   Club eBay account

§  Not worth effort, dual signatories.

o   Pin Kit

§  Pulleys? JH looked up. Cheaper to buy crabs with integrated pulleys.

§  RM to look into before next committee meeting.

o   Maintenance Kit

§  Duct tape

§  Duct tape

§  Poxy putty

§  Duct tape

§  Corks

§  Etc.

§  AP to look up repair/maintenance – what’s in it and what’s the cost.

o   Green club award

§  KM done an application. Will let committee know if we’ve been awarded.

o   Committee meeting times

§  Next week, Monday 5:45pm.

Next meeting: Monday 08/04/13 5:45pm, Rascals Bar.

Meeting adjourned:  18:42