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Committee Minutes 06/05/13

posted 21 May 2013, 12:59 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: ES, BS, JR, RM, TC, IT, HF, AP, GW, DW, JH

Late: JR, JH, HF, TC

Apologies: JW, SM

Meeting Commenced: 17.50

  • Standing Items

    • Action Plan Review

      • Bonfire

-HF and DW have made facebook group

-24th  May

-burgers left from SSWR in RM freezer

- HF and DW to get BBQ

-TC awards from last year to send to HF

- HF and DW to sort after 18th

  • Buying new splits

  • IT emailed Eric, can buy new splits

  • JR+JH to get and e-mail Eric when brought

  • Trailer

  • JW not here

  • Preseason

  • ES email list to Debbie

  • AP - Weekly email this week for sign-ups

  • Debbie wants a list for attendees

  • Weights of canoes for trailers for Summer Trip

  • 35-40kg each

  • ES emailed Elaine, hopefully reply tomorrow

  • Repair kit

  • Brought most things AP to source rest from ebay

  • Get dry bags, spares? AP to look in to

  • Pool session with guides

  • GW talked to guides

  • Madras coaching

  • GW emailed

  • Insurance for canoes and trailers for Summer Trip

  • ES emailed

  • Other options that aren’t corks to be used as bungs in boats

  • JH company went bust

  • Make own? Existing bung with bottle cap? Welding on? Experiment on canoe man? JH+JR look in to (men folk)

  • Additions to first aid kit

  • RM got prices, mention to AU

  • Informal trip to Lochore Meadows Outdoor Education Centre

  • No interest

  • Finance Update

    • In account: £6078

    • Club owes: £444

    • Members owe: £ -

  • One more email

  • Set price for summer trip?

  • Dates

    • Grandtully Skills- May 9th

      • Only RM and Natalie


    • Sports Ball – May 23rd  (Now shortlisted for Club of the Year)

      • Just Kmac going

    • Summer trip – May 25-28th

      • IT says that organizing it is going well

      • 6 canoes from loch Tay and East Neuk,

      • 19 Canoe Spaces

      • Add duos?

    • Pre-season- Week of 1st September

      • Being sorted

      • Weekly email this week

    • Fresher’s Week- Week of 9th September

      • Organize, ES, DW,HF, BS

      • Meeting after exams

      • Ideas from other people

  • Additional Items

    • Alumni Database- 10th May Deadline. Sarah/Jon/Sarah D?

      • SM is halfway through doing it and just needs to finish it and send it off

      • Sarah D confirmed that all previous alumni lists have already been sent off so SM only needs to include this years on the list

      • SM to write in weekly email to ask this years leavers to contact her

      • Just update yearly

    • Colours and Blues/Half Blues to go in weekly email

      • SM knows where list is so will do

    • Admin Deadline Day- 17th May:

    • Constitution -ES

    • Budget Application- IT

    • Accounts – IT after april statement

    • Safety Policy-RM

    • Equipment Inventory

      • after next Thursday, send in most recent minus huck plus tool and repair kit

      • 1 extra dry shoe

    • Facilities Request - ES

    • Club Guide info

      • ES needs to add mobile number

    • Sea Sessions on this week- Are people around?

-AP to check on surf, IT might go

  • Gauging interest for courses? Andre.

    • Level 1, 4 star, Advanced WWS&R

    • AP – whiteboard at pub

  • Personal safety kit

    • RM in specific emails

  • New Hose

    • IT good to get a new hose

    • TC to get from Aldi

  • AoB

    • none

Next Meeting (Last of the year): Monday 20th May, 17:45

Date may be changed: May 23rd instead?

Meeting Adjourned: 18:09

Under 20 mins!