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Committee Minutes 08/04/13

posted 8 Apr 2013, 13:44 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 8 Apr 2013, 13:46 ]

Committee Meeting 08/04/13 Minutes

Present: ES, JW, SM, BS, JR, JH, RM, TC, IT, HF, AP

Late: DW, GW

Meeting Commenced: 17:50

o      Standing Items

Ÿ  Action Plan Review

ž  Aqua Ball

-      Ticket design to be done by Friday

-      Final numbers needed week before event so only one week for ticket sales

-      TC to sell tickets once printed

ž  Rascals event

-      Night before May Dip?

-      TC, HF and DW meet with Rascals on Wednesday to discuss dates

ž  Tool kit

-      AP and JR sourced everything needed for £16

-      JR to look into getting drill


-      Committee should email to help out

-      GW emailed landowners already

ž  Tape Paddles for BUCS

-      JW still needs to do

ž  Trailers

-      Club could apply for allocation of funds from AU or Focus Budget

-      JW needs to look unto which one we want and then will ask about funding

-      Agreed 8 kayak trailer maximum

-      No storage space wanted

Ÿ  Finance Update       

ž  £5018 in account

ž  Club owes £137 in unpaid checks

ž  Members owe £1500

o      Dates

Ÿ  Nesk/Tully evening trip - Wed 10th

ž  JR sorted, trip full

Ÿ  Beginners Training - 13th/14th

ž  Shuttle bus to be picked up by SM on 12th

Ÿ  Intermediate trip - 13th/14th

ž  3 people signed up

ž  RM still needs to confirm if 1 or 2 day – will find out by tonight

Ÿ  Div 2 – Sunday 14th

ž  And Saturday 27th

Ÿ  Saints Excellence - April 15th

ž  Everyone should have been emailed

Ÿ  BUCS Polo - April 20th/21st

ž  Camille H sorting out

Ÿ  SSS WWR - April 28th

ž  Kirstie Macmillan sorting out

ž  Can as many people as possible race/volunteer

Ÿ  Sports Ball – May 23rd  

ž  HF and DW still need to organise selling tickets

ž  HF and DW to talk to James about buying/selling tickets

Ÿ  Summer trip – May 25th  

ž   4 day trip

ž  Suggestions: Dee, Tay, Spey, Tweed

ž  AP, JW and IT to organise



o      Additional Items

Ÿ  Pool update

ž  No update at the moment – hoping people get back to us later this week

Ÿ  Club Photo needs re-doing

At the pub           

-      Next Monday before pub

-      SM to write on Facebook and in weekly email      

-      8.45pm at quad

Ÿ  Opportunities for open boats - Summer Trip

ž  AP, GW and TC to contact people to look into getting more canoes

ž  ES to look into insurance for how much it would cost to take certain people’s trailers and canoes

Ÿ  StAUCC River Race possibility

ž  AP suggested idea

ž  Kinnessburn or Eden

ž  Wouldn’t be more universities, more around town

-      Would we have insurance to take children onto river?

-      Look into it next semester

-      GW to look into insurance for taking children out

Ÿ  Gluing Bungs

ž  JH to look into other options

Ÿ  Guides

ž  GW to look into organizing Families First day

ž  GW to look into insurance for taking children on trips

Ÿ  Car Rental

ž  Problem with car being cancelled and then club taking it anyway

-      If we cancel a car, we cannot still take it

-      Not insurance on it anymore

Ÿ  Trips during revision?

ž  Saturday 4th  May – Intermediate Trip

-      SM and GW to organise

ž  Sun 5th May– Sea Trip

-      TC to organise

ž  9th May Grandtully Beginners Trip

-      ES to organize

Ÿ  Repair Kits

ž  AP wants one repair kit bought

ž  cost to be looked into by AP      

Ÿ  Extra Sea Sessions

ž  Extra one this Thursday again

o      AoB

Ÿ  Email account

ž  Make sure everyone marks emails as unread

ž  Archive after reading and sending message if it’s yours

Ÿ  Extra first aid kit possibility

ž  Brought up after first aid training at weekend

ž  We need to have medical information about students

-      SM to send out form in weekly email

ž  999 text

ž  Extra first aid kit that we don’t currently have

-      E.g. inhaler

-      RM to look into costs and ask AU if we are allowed to take everything

 Level 2 training

-      15th-18th July

-      We are being offered places

-      Organized by Sterling university

Next Meeting: 17:45, Monday 22nd April

Meeting Adjourned: 18:27