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Committee Minutes 09/09/13

posted 16 Sep 2013, 08:33 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 16 Sep 2013, 08:34 ]

Present: ES, GW, SM, RM, DW, JW, JR, JH, HF, BS, IT

Late: AP

Absent: TC

Meeting Commenced: 12:03

o      Standing Items

Ÿ  Contract signing with Rascals

ž  Still not signed – will do today by HF and DW

ž  Rascals event – wait until hype is gone from Freshers’ Week and then organise

Ÿ  Freshers’ Trip

ž  Spoken about later in minutes

Ÿ  Signs outside Old Course

ž  We didn’t know where they were so they haven’t been sorted for this year

Ÿ  Smoothie ergo

ž  IT to look into it

Ÿ  Madras Coaching

ž  GW is meeting next Tuesday to try and sort it out

Ÿ  Sponsorship

ž  SM has got them sent to Dundee and will ask James today whether his friend can pick them up later this week

Ÿ  Flyers

ž  BS to print flyers today

ž  Flyers to be sent out to halls tomorrow

ž  Everyone to meet at 6pm outside the Union to distribute

Ÿ  Stickers for helmets for Freshers’ Trip

ž  Lots at Scooniehill road and with JW so don’t need to buy any

Ÿ  Finance update

ž  No recent one

ž  Last one was £7567.55

ž  Gunwhales and Loch Tay have now been paid for:

-      £144.85 (Chq 200)- July 3rd- Replacement Gunwhales

-      £400 (Chq 198)- July 16th- Replacement Loch Tay Canoe

Ÿ  Banners

ž  Several people in the committee are going to be making their own and will put them in their windows

ž  If anyone has any old pillowcases or duvet covers, please tell the committee so that they can be used

Ÿ  Posters

ž  IT and GW to look for them and print them out

ž  2 different posters - print 20 of each


o      Dates

Ÿ  Give it a Go session

ž  Meet at 1pm at boat shed Friday and Wednesday

ž  Shuttles at 13.50, 14.50, 15.50

ž  Plastic cups sorted

ž  Biscuits, tea, coffee need to be bought – HF and DW to sort that out

ž  People need to bring kettles

ž  AP sorting out transport for Friday in his car

Ÿ  Sinners Sports

ž  No tickets left at the union

ž  We may still get tickets – DW to email AU about finding out

ž  You pay tomorrow for tickets between 3pm and 5pm 

Ÿ  After give it a go

ž  Pizza or just a pre session?

ž  No food this time – just pre session at the castle

Ÿ  Bonfire on Friday

ž  JH is great

ž  We have lots of pallets but need help transporting them down?

ž  No BBQ – too much faff

Ÿ  Saints Saturday

ž  11am – 5pm

ž  Everyone to arrive at 10am

ž  Laptops – IT, JW and SM to bring theirs

ž  RM to bring up 2 playboats and 2 paddles on his car

Ÿ  Leaders’ Trip

ž  JR and ES to sort out trip

ž  ES to sort out hostel

ž  Leave Saturday morning so only one night staying in hostel

Ÿ  Freshers’ Trip

ž  SM to weekly email about private kit

ž  ES to book a van for Friday 27th to pick up boats that we need  

ž  AP to email his old school to see about getting boats off them

ž  HF and DW to sort out BBQ closer to the time

ž  Jimmy Chung’s to be booked by BS or SM once numbers are a bit more finalised

Ÿ  Beginners and Intermediate trips – 5th and 6th

ž  RM to organise beginners to Dee on Saturday 5th

ž  SM to organise intermediate trip to Ericht and Blackwater on Sunday 6th


°      Agenda

Ÿ  Safety Policy Needs Updating

ž  RM to sort out

ž  Deadline is 2pm, Friday 13th

Ÿ  Excellence Meetings

ž  Everyone check that they can go to their meetings

ž  If someone can’t, post in the committee group so that someone else can go instead

Ÿ  Website up to date?

ž  SM says that it is and will keep adding extra information when it is given to her

Ÿ  Loch Bagging

ž  ES to sort out chart

Ÿ  Membership

ž  No one allowed to renew membership with huge amounts of debt – IT to email those who she thinks need to be targeted

ž  IT to set up naughty list for website

Ÿ  Transport

ž  Boat club booked transport up to December

ž  ES to look into it, start to pre book vehicles and complain to AU about it

Ÿ  Courses

ž  AP – WWSR booked (19th and 20th October), 4* Training booked (9th and 10th November), 5* Training to be sorted for next semester

Ÿ  Pool Update

ž  No from Madras and East Sands

ž  ES and JW to write a letter to St Leonards to explain the situation and hope that we can sort something out

ž  Meanwhile, we can go to Castle Sands and do rolling practice. Paddle around to it to get there

ž  Essential pool skills at nearby pool for a couple of hours – Wednesday before Freshers’ Trip if it can be booked by ES

Ÿ  Madras Coaching

ž  GW – the idea is that we go once in the holidays and go and do some coaching with them

ž  However, if they aren’t going to give us their pool to use, why should we coach them?

ž  GW to go ahead with meeting and ask them directly

Ÿ  Division Polo

ž  JW to look into dates

Ÿ  BUCS and SUS Dates

ž  JW to look into dates

Ÿ  Membership

ž  £25 for year, £15 for semester

ž  For non university members - £35 for year, £25 for semester

ž  Alumni – add a set price onto trip fee, IT to speak to Camille about it

Ÿ  Fixed Membership Fee

ž  No one was really interested

ž  Other idea – if you go on so many trips, you get a beginners trip for free. Everyone seemed keen – IT to look into numbers


°      AoB

Ÿ  Hugh’s Boat

ž  See if we can buy it – IT to ask about money with AU Treasurer

Ÿ  Gear

ž  Wetsuits and Spray Decks (nylon and neoprene) need to be bought

ž  JH and JR to try repairing neoprene decks

ž  JH and JR to make a list of kit that we need and kit that we would like to have

ž  JR and JH to fix the two broken red paddles

ž  They also need to sort out angle of red paddles

ž  They should also glue in corks and leave bungs not glued for now but tie them on with string

ž  IT to chase up splits

ž  No group shelters anymore – everyone to have a look for them. If we don’t have one before Freshers’ Trip, they need to be bought

ž  JR to send out email to houses to ask about kit

Ÿ  Cambo

ž  People are keen, GW to look into sorting out a date

Ÿ  Tay Descent

ž  We normally do Perth show and Stanley trip

ž  AP to look into feasibility of doing it

Ÿ  GoPro footage

ž  Everyone to send AP any footage that they recorded from preseason

Ÿ  Publicity

ž  People to start to look into ideas that we could do

Ÿ  C2

ž  It’s still in Southampton

ž  We need to say no and apologise – AP to do after asking once more on UKRGB to see whether anyone can bring it up with them

Ÿ  Passwords

ž  SM to change Facebook password to 4evercanoe

Ÿ  First Aid Course

ž  RM to organise in second semester

Ÿ  Accident Report for Rory

ž  RM to write it and send it out, explaining that it was all his fault

Ÿ  BASE  - anyone else want to join?

ž  GW to weekly email it

Ÿ  Sea Kayaks

ž  They were left by EUCC a long time ago

ž  There were two but there’s now only one?

ž  It’s now ours – needs to be repaired by JR and JH after Freshers’ Trip

Ÿ  Fixing lots of boats and kit

ž  Jefe, neoprene decks, red paddles, bung on red nomad

ž  JH and JR to do

Ÿ  Private Paddles

ž  We need to check them before we use them – make sure that leaders check for freshers

Ÿ  Boat shed redevelopment

ž  AP to keep nagging in the hopes that it’ll move things on a bit more

Ÿ  AU Driving License Renewals

ž  SM to write in weekly email a reminder for everyone who is already an AU driver to bring in the two parts of their driving license again to renew their AU license


Next Meeting: Tuesday 17th, 5pm (a week tomorrow)

Meeting Adjourned: 13:13