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Committee Minutes 11/03/13

posted 13 Mar 2013, 05:48 by Canoe St Andrews

Present:  KM, ES, AP, JH, JM, CH, RM, SM, JW, TC, HM, JS

Meeting commenced: 17:33

·         Standing Items

o   Action Plan Review

§  Handover docs

§  Venue booked for AGM – School V.

§  Internet banking payments are fine as long as multiple signatories set up.

§  East Neuk – JS emailed people with qualifications this morning.

§  Italy kayaking to go in weekly email.

§  Beach clean times changed – Poll on FB group. 16:30.

o   Finance update:

§  £~4,300.

§  Transport fund updated £1,540.66 left. Not paying any overspend.

·         Dates

o   Tuesday 12th March - AGM.

o   Wednesday 13th March – Beach Clean

o   Wednesday 13th March – Sinners

o   16th/18th/19th March – Easter Trip

o   Monday 1st April – Committee meeting

o   Current and future committees present.

o   Tuesday 2nd April – Handover Meal

o   8pm at Maisha. Book Wednesday.

·         Additional Items

o   Handover

§  Meet next people by Easter.

§  Keys handover at meal.

·         Captain, Vice, Gears, Safety - Boatshed

·         Captain and gears - Pool

o   AGM

§  3 mins for captain, 1.5 for everyone else. ~5 mins of questions to all candidates.

·         AoB

o   Green Award

o   Aqua Ball – 26th April

o   Alex can’t do beginners training – 13th/14th April. Ian Vosser can. Do we want to stay near Glenmore Lodge or round here?

§  Weekly email.

o   Three houses confirmed for house crawl.

o   Social at Rascals – either end of exams or end of lectures. Joint with new social convenors.

Next meeting: AGM Tuesday 12/03/13 18:45 School V.

Meeting adjourned:  17:55 (22 minutes, new record).