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Committee Minutes 17/04/12

posted 18 Apr 2012, 06:39 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 18 Apr 2012, 06:39 ]

Present: JW, TC, ES, AP, JS, JM, CH, HM, KM, KMac, RM, JH

Meeting commenced: 7:05

·         Immediate business

o   All handovers done

o   Plug aqua ball – 9 dinner tickets left.

o   Sarah Duley organising sense Scotland.

·         Standing Items

o   Action plan review – most not relevant to current committee, but all completed.

o   Finance update:

§  Current as of 12/04/12 - £1443.95 in credit.

§  Owed ~£3600 from club members for trips.

§  Equipment budget: £2350.84

§  Focus budget: £1569.50, but this excludes Level 1, WWSR and First Aid, so not much remaining.

§  Transport: £854.53. Originally £3900, aiming to get same (or more) for next year.

 ·         Dates

o   21/22 April – BUCS Polo. 4 people going down on 20th for Ref course. Alumni also coming to Polo.

o   21/22 April – CCDW. 6 People, Amy Kincaid organising.

o   27 April – Aqua Ball. 9 dinner tickets remaining, effectively unlimited dance tickets. Plug in weekly email.

o   28 April – Post Aqua Ball trip. Amy Kincaid + RM to organise.

o   28/29 April – First Aid course

o   28/29 April – 4* Training

o   2nd May – Afternoon skills sesh. Tully or North Esk. JH to organise with JS.

o   5th May – Beginner trip. Stanley? KMac + HM to organise.

o   6th May – Intermediate trip. Tilt if water. KMac + HM to organise.

 ·         Additional Items

o   Summer Trip 25th-28th May. JW and Sarah Duley to organise.

§  Opportunity to borrow 6 open boats and trailer for free, as long as 2-4 volunteers help out with coaching on Loch Tay on 27th April.

o   From above: 27th April, volunteers to help coach at Loch Tay. Mention in weekly email. Amy Kincaid, Kmac and AP keen.

o   Club account details: Facebook, Saintmail, CMP etc.

§  Archive/Action messages in club mail.

o   Kukri – Board shorts £15 each. Mention in weekly email – contact JM by 30 April.

§  Leisurewear site not up to date. Possible to make individual orders.

o   Preseason – 1st-9th Sept. Weekly email – mention to contact JM with dates free during that time. Provisional preseason timetable attached to the end of these minutes.

o   Goals for Christmas - Postcards with committee members’ goals written on them.


·         AOB

o   Changes to the constitution suggested: Change title from ‘Captain’ to ‘President’. Arguments given for and against, open vote held. Voted 10-2 in favour of maintaining title of ‘Captain’.

o   AP – Airbags for open boat. Speak to Sean Dugan. Possibly purchase other equipment for open boat. AP and RM to look into it and speak to JM about costings.

§  Paul Brear wants to borrow open boat over the summer, and may pay a contribution to the air bag purchases.

o   Petrol tank placed at rear of boatshed. If it ends up on our side and we lose space, aim to gain space on other side.

o   RM and AP to contact other gear officers from sailing and surfing and introduce themselves.

o   RM and AP to look into inventories.

o   Maintain post-trip socials, a couple have happened recently and have been a success.

o   End of year bonfire on the beach – 24th May. TC to organise.

o   Possibly another social on 4th May, last day of lectures. TC to organise.

o   Ask club members to update qualifications on website (weekly email).

o   Surf session and polo 18th April 2pm.

Next Meeting: 1st May @ the Rule. 7pm

Meeting adjourned: ~7:45


Preseason 2012



Saturday 1st September


Sunday 2nd September

Monday 3rd September

Fitness – yoga ball, core sesh, upper body, massage training, kettlebells, yoga, pilates

Tuesday 4th September


Beginner Coaching

Wednesday 5th September

Slalom Practice


Thursday 6th September

Polo Day (Chrissy D)

Open Boating

Friday 7th September

BeginneràIntermediate training (Chrissy D)

Saturday 8th September

4* Assessment/Paddling

Sunday 9th September