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Committee Minutes 17/09/13

posted 1 Jan 2014, 10:07 by Canoe St Andrews

Present: ES, GW, SM, RM, DW, JW, JR, JH, HF, BS, IT, AP, TC

Meeting Commenced: 18:32

o      Standing Items

Ÿ  Rascals

ž  Contract not signed but will do ASAP

ž  Event – not thought about it yet

Ÿ  Smoothie ergo

ž  Drop it

Ÿ  Emailing naughty people in the club

ž  IT emailed

ž  SM to add naughty list to website

Ÿ  Alumni fees

ž  Camille said to just pay membership

Ÿ  No. of trips with a beginner trip free?

ž  Every 5 trips you do, you get a beginner trip fee

Ÿ  Hugh’s boat

ž  IT done and has gone money

Ÿ  Madras Coaching

ž  We have a pool!

ž  Coaching probably best in pool

ž  GW to sort out later

Ÿ  Cupar and Olympia have no pool space

Ÿ  SM to remind people about renewing AU driving licenses and asking everyone on membership list if they want to take a driving test

Ÿ  Dates for div 4 polo and BUCS

ž  Div dates still not out yet

Ÿ  Accident report for RM

ž  He’s sent that in

Ÿ  Loch Bagging

ž  ES still to do

Ÿ  Kit Banter

ž  JH fixing a neoprene decks

ž  Make detour on leaders trip to Go Kayaking

ž  Corks still need to glue them in – bad idea?

-      1 perception bung needed

Ÿ  Group shelters

ž  JR to buy before Freshers’ Trip

Ÿ  Fixing bungs

ž  Shopping list done

Ÿ  Andre’s boats from schools

ž  AP sent emails and we’re just waiting now

Ÿ  Tay Descent

ž  Go to Paddle and then Stanley

Ÿ  C2 Faff

ž  Guys knows people heading up to Tees Barrage

ž  AP to email him about going to SMs

ž  SM to send AP her address

Ÿ  Boatshed redevelopment

ž  Will be started within the next 2-4 weeks


Finance Update

·      Sept - £7876 but £1400 in membership so we have lots and lots


o      Upcoming Dates

Ÿ  Surf Session tomorrow 18/09/13

ž  Can leaders turn up 1.45 to kit up, get boats out and get Freshers organised please

ž  Stratts, Wyles and Dre will be late (meeting Crispin)

Ÿ  Batman film night Wednesday evening

ž  Food...? My oven is pants, would rather leave it for another social

ž  Or could make it a pot luck/ pudding party

ž  James to provide batman DVD, I’ve got a projector

ž  DW getting snacks and soft drinks - £30 max

ž  GW making event on Facebook

Ÿ  Surf session Friday! 21/09/13

ž  Do we have leaders available?

ž  SM to weekly email it

ž  ES to add to calendar

Ÿ  Leaders Trip 21-21/09/13

ž  Hostel booked

ž  Transport booked/pending

ž  Heading West instead of North

ž  Group meal Saturday night- JR organising

Ÿ  Wednesday pool session out of town? 25/09/13

ž  GW to email Kirkcaldy

Ÿ  Freshers Trip 28-29/09/13

ž  Transport booked but not all confirmed:

-      AU Shuttle (C), AU Blue (C), AU Silver (C), LWB Van (C), LWB Van, LWB Van, AC 9 Seater, AC 9 Seater

Ÿ  Beginners Dee Trip 5/09/13

ž  Likely to be very popular

ž  Need to make sure we know how many leaders available before taking freshers

ž  RM organising

ž  What Transport do we want?

Ÿ  Intermediate Ericht/Blackwater Trip

ž  JH organising

Ÿ  Weekend 12-13/10/13

ž  AP to see if Chrissy D is free

ž  Maybe beginners trip?

ž  Advanced trip 12th and a sea trip 13th

Ÿ  First big social/ pub crawl/house crawl?

ž  Sinners – Three legged pub crawl to be organised by DW and HF


°      Agenda

Ÿ  Alumni/leavers letters

ž  ES to write a list of people on google docs for people to sign up to

Ÿ  Driving Tests

ž  SM to email all potential, remind all current

Ÿ  Adrenaline Ball Dates

ž  22nd November right now but change the date as its BUCS

Ÿ  Naked Calendar

ž  First photo shoot is Wednesday

ž  GW to organise all of them

ž  GW email alumni

ž  RNLI charity

Ÿ  Email Contacts- don’t touch!

Ÿ  Feedback form

ž  SM to weekly email

Ÿ  Google Docs for Action Plan?

ž  Not happening

Ÿ  Publicity officer

ž  We need a publicity officer

ž  Sub honours rep to be publicity – mention at EGM

Ÿ  Excellence Meetings- anything important to share

ž  IT to email Osprey

Ÿ  Treasurer budget agreement

ž  If IT isn’t available, give someone the cash box

Ÿ  Outcome of Madras meeting

ž  We have a pool now!

Ÿ  C2

Ÿ  Monday night- treasurer/ cash box at pub

Ÿ  Lanterns for Freshers Trip? Tarpaulin?

ž  TC sorted

ž  BBQ – DW and HF sorting

Ÿ  Kukri kit and Board shorts

ž  TC to ask about board shorts

ž  TC to speak to James

Ÿ  Pool

ž  ES to email lifesaving

Ÿ  Treasurer budget agreement

ž  IT sorting at the moment and ES to help her if she needs it


°      AoB

Ÿ  Tunnocks thank you

ž  GW to write that

Ÿ  Spend our money?

ž  Everyone come back to the meeting with a proposal – if you had £1000 to spend, what would you buy?

ž  JW to sort out trailer stuff

Ÿ  Socials and pools

ž  Keep Monday Thursday for now but don’t discourage Tuesdays

Ÿ  Alcohol sponsorship

ž  RM and JW to look into it

Ÿ  EGM – 31st October

Ÿ  Perth place – free accommodation

ž  SM to look into it

Ÿ  ES to doodle poll for when the next meeting is

Next Meeting: Doodle poll to decide

Meeting Adjourned: 19: 37