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Committee Minutes 23/05/13

posted 1 Jun 2013, 13:42 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 1 Jun 2013, 13:44 ]

Present: ES, JW, SM, JR, IT, HF, GW, DW, JH

Late: TC

Apologies: RS, RM, AP

Meeting Commenced: 18:06

o      Standing Items

Ÿ  Action Plan Review

ž  Bonfire

-      HF sorted bonfire and awards

-      We have enough burgers

ž  Hose

-      TC sorted hose

ž  Buy new splits

-      JR sorted out splits

Ÿ  Finance Update

ž  In account: +£6000

ž  Not too sure about other numbers at the moment

ž  £135 in transport budget – use on summer trip


o      Dates

Ÿ  Beach Bonfire- May 24th

ž  HF and DW sorted it

Ÿ  Summer trip – May 25th

ž  6 canoes from Loch Tay tomorrow morning

ž  East Neuk tomorrow afternoon

ž  The rest are being brought now by AP and RM

ž  Meet at big entrance at 5.30pm Friday 

Ÿ  Pre-season- Week of 1st September

ž  A few people still need to be booked, but it’s fairly sorted

Ÿ  Fresher’s Week- Week of 9th September

ž  HF, BS and DW sorting

°      Additional Items

Ÿ  Gina- Madras

ž  GW to look at insurance, life guard, holidays or term time

ž  JW is a qualified life guard

ž  AP and AK both Level 2 coaches

ž  ES thinks that a one off thing might be better

ž  We can use pool at Madras for the coaching – possible pool for us opportunity

Ÿ  Sarah- Forms

ž  Feedback form?

·      Sounds good – SM to put into next weekly email

ž  Medical form and qualifications forms

·      Delete everything from qualifications form and start again       

·      SM to add all to weekly email

Ÿ  Pool Update

ž  St Leonards completely ruled out

ž  Waiting to get back to Madras

ž  AP to speak to swimming club about swapping their East Sands space with canoe’s St Leonards space?

ž  At the start of next semester we could go to castle sands? Fairly sheltered

·      Still problem for winter and bad weather

ž  Pond by Melville? Suggested by Calum

Ÿ  Sponsorship

ž  SM and GW to send out emails

ž  ES to sent out template to them

Ÿ  Rascals sponsorship

ž  No chips but sandwiches (cold)

ž  First section of second semester we can move tables around

ž  We can reserve tables before sinners

ž  They will be sponsoring less clubs

ž  Rascals would be up for giving us money if we printed their money on hoodies

·      Doesn’t seem to be big advantage

·      However, it is good to know

·      When HF and DW sign contract they will discuss it further

·      Free rascals cards for everyone who pays membership

Ÿ  Freshers/Sports Fayre Booking

ž  BS to book sports fayre

ž  No bouncy castle

ž  SM to talk to NM about getting flyer

ž  Little signs for fresher’s week outside the old course – IT to ask Sarah D

Ÿ  Rascals event

ž  HF and DW chatted to Jamie about organizing event

ž  Join with other sport?

ž  Second week of term seems likely?

Ÿ  Freshers Trip

ž  Ambitious as possible

ž  SM and BS to organize boring parts of trip

·      To speak and coordinate with DW and HF to sort out basics of trip

·      SM to get stickers for helmets

Ÿ  STAAG Bonfire

ž  They want to organise it and then we could just come along

ž  However, we have a big presence already – do we need to join bonfires?

ž  We will only get involved if it’s a Friday night? Idea by TC

ž  HF and DW to discuss at STAAG meeting tonight


°      AoB

Ÿ  Freshers trip – dark and goes to bed early?

ž  Get lanterns – TC to look into

·      Probably battery powered

Ÿ  After Freshers’ trip – keep people keen

ž  Organize two trips the weekend after?

ž  Or just emphasize the one more?

ž  Don’t want to be too pushy

Ÿ  Money from green week?

ž  Smoothie machine?

ž  Grow vegetables to be used at meals?

ž  IT to ask Sarah about making smoothie ergo

Meeting Adjourned: 18:52