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posted 10 Nov 2010, 13:02 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 10 Nov 2010, 13:03 ]

Minutes from Committee Meeting




Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Issy Sloman, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Johnny Hawkins, Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween


Apologies: Andrew Adam


Meeting opened: 18.10pm


Previous Action Plan

·         Tom/Sean forgot about disclaimer.

·         Craig contacted AU about funding for boat tails but was told to buy it from club funds



·         AU sports day – 17th

·         Beginner trip on Raisin Saturday – James

·         Also advanced on Raisin Sunday?




·         Volunteering places still available on Focus programme

       To be re-sent in weekly email – see email sent over summer

·         S&C – Allan was away but it looks like an extra session a week is unlikely as we’re lucky to have this one

       Extra sessions could be organised privately but we’d have to pay

·         Circuits aren’t on in Reading week; S&C is though

·         Bubble TV – Any footage we get on trips could be sent to them for editing and broadcasting in the Union.

       For this we need better footage…!

·         Match reports…?

·         DanceSoc – Too cold for them now!

       Happy to pay but we will contact them later on in the year

·         Non-students joining

       Potential to offer courses to locals through our coaches…

       We could offer membership for sessions that aren’t funded by the AU (such as club coaching trips)

·         Sarah to sort out club clothing in RW

·         Transport – From now on please reply to pickup requests so Sarah knows you’ve seen it!

       Enterprise are being stricter on who is picking up vehicles

·         Please keep the boatshed tidy




·         Polo sub-committee – its on the constitution

       Patrick willing to appoint keen people to help him (Emily?) until AGM

·         BUCS WWR all in hand



·         L1 on Wednesdays working well.

·         2* after Reading week

·         Jonny to send Calum the names of 2* folk

·         4* coach available for paddling in RW – James to contact about trip

       James to let Sarah know for transport extension

·         4* coaching – Epic fail! James to try James Fleming?



·         Freestyle competition – Beginner & Advanced groups in the pool on a Thursday.

       Would be very low key to encourage beginners.

       Sarah to talk to waterpolo about swapping a session for a double.

       Thursday after RW?

·         Glenmore – Sean to get paddles and buy more if poss.

·         Duck race – Ducks now resident in Sean’s house.

       From the KFB bridge

       1st week of December?

       Andrew to contact schools about involvement

       Sean organising

·         2 day open boating on the Tay

       Boats from ‘Beyond Adventure’

       4th/5th December?



·         Adrenaline Ball all in hand

·         The Rule is awesome

       Next semester they may give us cold pizza on Thursdays

·         Christmas Dinner

       Earlier the better due to lower prices (8th Dec)

       Publicity out early (weekly email after RW)



·         1st aid kits missing – new ones being made up anyway

·         There is now a pen for the boatshed board – please use it

·         No drink driving either please… (Adrenaline Ball comes to mind)



·         Olaf Talk – 25th Nov

       Marketed as an adventure film evening

       Facebook group, SCA publicity, university invites.

       120 people required to break even.

       Spread the word!

·         Tent purchased - £50

       Needs picking up from south of Glasgow – Jonny to find someone.



·         Fife surf kayak club – Craig to make contact.

·         Catch – Craig might be able to get us discount cards.

·         Bake sale – Maybe soup could be a viable alternative

·         Patrick to investigate the legality of selling mulled wine/how to get soup dispensers. AU - Jonny?

·         Trip deposit - £5 a day, £10 for 2 days…

·         Girls only trip – Next semester: Izzy, Amy, Sarah

·         Megaphone – James to purchase, £30 limit

·         Safety sesh in the pool – Monday after RW

·         CDO meeting – Weds 17th Nov, 2pm. Keen people to Sarah please

·         Sense Scotland – Dates may be an issue at Easter time (Sarah in contact with them

·         We have no money for boats!


Meeting closed: 19.20pm