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posted 25 Apr 2011, 06:13 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 25 Apr 2011, 06:15 ]



Present:  Sarah Duley, Jamie Dick, Patrick Jenner, Calum Fisher, James McMahon, Craig Burns, Sean Dugan, Tom Innes, Jonny Hawkins (until 1930), Amy Kincaid, Izzy Tween, Andrew Adam


Apologies: Issy Sloman


Meeting opened: 19.03pm




·         23rd – Sean open boating

·         24th – Jamie beginner/alumni trip




·         Handover meal – 18 people to book into either Maisha or Bella Italia

·         Summer trip – Sarah organising to either Rannoch moor, Tay or Spey. Amy to contact sailing person about canoes, alternatively crispin or sean?

·         Sports fayre – 30th, volunteers required to go help.

·         Club photo – chosen, just require numbers.

·         May dip safety – rubbish plan, lets not do it.

·         Preseason – 11th-17th Sept. 29th April is the facilities booking deadline.

·         Money from excellence/equipment

   Polo helmets

   Polo boats?

   New river runner such as cathy’s

·         Alumni money – Sarah to poke Jamie Adam about this



·         Report on recent courses

   3* canoe

   Level 1

·         4* training – 7th/8th May

·         “Post handover lash”



·         Glenmore training – weekly email to see if people are keen.


Sub Hons

·         Magazine – we just send in photos and see if they’ll publish it.



·         Madras now confirmed – see if people are keen

·         Wednesday Grandtully sessions – let’s do more, maybe provide a discount.


Meeting closed: 19.50 pm


Next meeting: Tuesday 26th, 7pm