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Polo Committee Minutes

Polo committee minutes 08/02/2011

posted 25 Apr 2011, 06:46 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 25 Apr 2011, 06:47 ]

SUS(f) :D massive result, well done! Awesomeness. (Check out the saint this Thurs)


Aim now, win BUCS!



20th Feb Div 3 match

27th Feb

-Polo ref course (Meg Spittle @ Glenrothes) £12.50

-Div 2 polo match (those who are away @ BUCS slalom= find replacements, i.e. people from B team @ SUS etc.)

2nd of April - Pee in the loch- search for it on Facebook -SUS take 2? Maybe not quite so organised...but could be a good chance to get practice for BUCS

16-17 April - BUCS polo (entry info sent out 5th April)



Getting more people involved (i.e. beginners etc.)

-Glenrothes sessions (always on Mondays, takes time, and on a pool sess night) but very useful –perhaps fortnightly/monthly/before tournaments like SUS/BUCS

-Friendlies (Edinburgh style)

-Important to have subs for Div 2 team.

Scrapping Div 2 team next year- Give more people a chance to play by having more Div 3 teams?


BUCS polo

3 teams, Mens A, Womens and open team- Tryouts?

Need 1 ref per team- Ref from SUS coming so no worries




Drills and skills (polo focussed pool sessions)

Shooting (Gym sessions)

Pushing emphasis on fitness (e.g. GC) need more involvement!

Tryouts for BUCs??? (Potentially just men and women’s A teams)



-Plastic vs. composite - Development vs. Competitive focus?? Competitive focus will increase funding for things like boats, plus money to help with practices @ Glenrothes- could encourage more members


CC AGM pre-Easter



Polo committee minutes 03/12/2010

posted 5 Dec 2010, 09:33 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 5 Dec 2010, 09:35 ]


Div 2 – 19th Dec

Div 3 – 9th Jan, 28th (?) Feb

SUSF – 4/5th Feb

BUCS – April 16/17th (entries open 15th Feb, close 17th March)

Scottish Champs – Beginning of June/ end of May 

General Aim

Increase Polo skills in club, go to more competitions with bigger and better teams, get more practice... win SUSF... and BUCS and everything. 




10 year plan, far too long to wait!

Liking the SCA Geckos

Plastic vs. Composite (composite= easily damaged, needing time and money, but turns out fibreglass repair isn’t all that difficult.)

Boat fund by charging £10 for competitions (e.g. BUCS WWR etc) 


Hopefully getting x3 size 4 polo balls from AU, Elaine. 


Possibly focusing one pool session per week on more polo related skills? (E.g. hand rolling, rolling with balls, throwing whilst in boat, sprinting comps.)

Too cold on the sea... brr

Pre-Season shooting practice- Poss book some hours at the Gym for throwing/shooting practice

Looking for space to practice Laura- Kirkcaldy Jakub- Dundee Camille- Fife

Ideally at least once fortnightly- Poss on Weds afternoons/evenings

Try and get teams working together for practice 


Taking it more seriously this year (in line with AU)

Yay for WWR and BUCS points extravaganza, aim to continue the winning streak J 

Div 2

Good results at last div 2 matches next match just after end of term –check who’s still here

Poss people coming along to support if they want to (An A. Dick initiative...) 

Div 3

Next yr= more than one team

Picking a team to play at Div 3? Or more relaxed giving people a chance to get involved? Probably more relaxed... just practice

Before SUSF, giving people and chance to practice. 

SUS Teams

Talk to people, see who’s really keen- esp people who have come to friendlies, practice, etc

Mens Team- Div 2 people

Girls Team- Pick 6/7 girls...

Mixed Team- Those who are keen

Great week end J 


Positive feedback from Edinburgh/Stirling

Good to get more

-Potentially sending individual Teams to friendlies so they can get more practice?

Possible Dundee friendly... hopefully before SUSF... nice break from revision, can they play in their pool yet? 

SCA Ref courses

Need to contact Meg Spittle (impossible task) currently just Patrick and Jimmy Boulton...

Cheap and doesn’t take long. 

Next Meeting 10th Dec 6pm @ Rule potentially tbc.

To do before next meeting-

LM- Look into practice sessions at Kirkcaldy

JD- Dundee

CH- Fife

PJ- Dundee friendly, Look into Gym bookage shooting practice- regular session for next Sem?

Everyone- See who’s keen for SUSF

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