Polo committee minutes 08/02/2011

posted 25 Apr 2011, 06:46 by Canoe St Andrews   [ updated 25 Apr 2011, 06:47 ]

SUS(f) :D massive result, well done! Awesomeness. (Check out the saint this Thurs)


Aim now, win BUCS!



20th Feb Div 3 match

27th Feb

-Polo ref course (Meg Spittle @ Glenrothes) £12.50

-Div 2 polo match (those who are away @ BUCS slalom= find replacements, i.e. people from B team @ SUS etc.)

2nd of April - Pee in the loch- search for it on Facebook -SUS take 2? Maybe not quite so organised...but could be a good chance to get practice for BUCS

16-17 April - BUCS polo (entry info sent out 5th April)



Getting more people involved (i.e. beginners etc.)

-Glenrothes sessions (always on Mondays, takes time, and on a pool sess night) but very useful –perhaps fortnightly/monthly/before tournaments like SUS/BUCS

-Friendlies (Edinburgh style)

-Important to have subs for Div 2 team.

Scrapping Div 2 team next year- Give more people a chance to play by having more Div 3 teams?


BUCS polo

3 teams, Mens A, Womens and open team- Tryouts?

Need 1 ref per team- Ref from SUS coming so no worries




Drills and skills (polo focussed pool sessions)

Shooting (Gym sessions)

Pushing emphasis on fitness (e.g. GC) need more involvement!

Tryouts for BUCs??? (Potentially just men and women’s A teams)



-Plastic vs. composite - Development vs. Competitive focus?? Competitive focus will increase funding for things like boats, plus money to help with practices @ Glenrothes- could encourage more members


CC AGM pre-Easter