Freshers' 2015

This page contains all the information you need, to join the club for 2015-16. 

Give it a Go Sessions

A chance to try out kayaking for the first time, get some coaching and play games. 

Wednesday 9th September: 2, 3, 4pm, at East Sands Boatshed (Get a lift from the sports centre, 1.50, 2.50, 3.50pm)

Friday 11th September: 2, 3 ,4 pm, at East Sands Boatshed

Join the facebook event here.

Canoe does Sinners Sport

Planning is still underway but pre-party at Jon and Tim's following the give-it-a-go. 

Join the facebook event coming soon. Tickets are available from Jon (£6).  

Canoe Club Freshers Bonfire

The best event of freshers week. Bonfire, Beach and Marshmallows. 

Come along to meet the club in a casual environment. 

Sports Fayre 

All Day Saturday at the Sports Centre. 

Find out more about the club, buy membership and gain tunnocks. 

Pool Sessions

Our regular pool sessions will begin on Monday 15th  September. 

Come along for coaching in a warm and friendly environment. 

The facebook event can be found here. 

End of Week 2

The fantastic fresher's trip. A beginners weekend trip, kayaking down the river Tay. 

Ask the club for more information. 

Get live updates, cool pictures and other fun stuff by friending us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and subscribing to us on YouTube. Our blog has a write up of past trips, if you want to see the kind of things the club gets up to.