In the first date of his 2010 UK film tour, world famous
adventurer and film maker Olaf Obsomer will be coming to St Andrews on Thursday November 25th. He has been producing award winning expedition adventure films for nearly two decades. His most notable projects are his Sickline series of kayaking films, which cover his insane worldwide adventures: from Africa and Asia to the mighty rivers of Norway.

He will be showcasing the very best of these films, describing his adventures and the challenges of extreme sports film making.

Thursday 25th November

Venue 1
Students' Union

A shuttle bus will be running from Leuchars train station to the Film night venue, please leave a comment in the form below if you require this service.

£6 for students and concessions
£7 for members of the public

They can be bought on the night at the door, or purchased from the union website by following the links below;
Student/Concession ticket

The programme:

The BIG-O film tour programme lasts approximately 80 minutes. With 2 films being shown:

• "The Kingdom of Waterfalls" - Iceland (see the Trailer here)
• "The Book of Legends" - Russia Siberia Altai mountains

Each film will include a few 'Behind the scenes Making of' sections.


Most of you will have heard a lot about this unique place. It is both mystical and majestic. No Hollywood fantasy or action thriller is a success these days without someone falling down a huge waterfall. The same goes for kayaking films. But what actually happens when someone falls down a waterfall in a kayak? Paddlers talk about the ghost stroke and the wisdom of knowing when to boof, or is it just down to fate and the river gods? Olaf will help you discover the ultimate truth of running a waterfall, without needing a trip to the hospital.

Russia Siberia The Altay mountains. "The Book of Legends"

The goal of the Sickline team was to paddle the best white water in the region, mostly completed during multi-day trips. After ridiculously huge water paddled, 2 dead bodies found, a couple of litres of vodka consumed, endless driving endured, and the worst food ever; they eventually found incredible white water.

These are the hurdles that must be overcome before you can write your name into  "The Book of Legends" after completing arguably the most challenging and difficult rivers in the Altay; the Bashkaus Canyon, 96 rapids over 110 Km of class IV-V water.