Socialising is one thing (along with many others!) that the Canoe Club does very well! On Mondays from 9.45pm and Thursdays from 8pm we gather at the Rule, where anything can, and is, likely to happen. Whether you are just looking for a quiet drink with friends, or debaucherous drinking games or embracing your fancy dress fantasies there will be something to suit your taste and everyone is quickly made welcome into the club.

 As well as the weekly socials we also hold meals after every trip, club meals at Christmas, the odd pub crawl, many beach bonfires/BBQ's and of course, our two major balls each year: the Adrenaline Ball and the Aqua Ball. The club's weekend trips away (ie freshers trips etc) usually turn into big social events too, there's nothing like camping and a game of laptag to get to know everyone! 

If there are any more social events you'd like to see the club put on over the course of the year, please speak to Alice or Chloe P in person, or email them (at230 or cp214).