Loch Bagging
Starting the first semester of 2010, we will be having a club loch bagging competition, inspired by the lake bagging of the University of Bristol's Expedition Society. 
The season is well under way and lochs are being bagged and points amassed, including some naked ice bags by a few brave souls. The season will close at the end of inter-semester break (6th February) after which season 2 will commence.
There is still plenty of time to take the lead, so remember to have a towel handy and ask your drivers nicely so you can get bagging!

The Rules
  • You must be completely underwater for a bagging to count. This is worth 1 point.
  • If you are completely naked when you bag the loch you get an extra point.
  • If there is ice on the loch or snow on the ground, you get double points.
  • For a bagging to count there must be witnesses, photographic evidence is preferable!
  • Each person can only count one score for each loch every year, i.e. their highest.
Email your results for each trip to canoe@saints-sport.com and we will try to get them up ASAP