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"Is there something on my chin?" Ben P (nonchalantly, while bleeding profusely onto a kayak) 
"Girls' trip? Sounds like it's going to be a carnage of broken ovaries". B***** T********** 
"It's really warm in here wearing this moustache." B***** T********* 
"I've tried real life; it sucks." B****** T********* 
"F*ck actimel, I need Jesus." B***** T****** 
"It was one of those nights, I woke up wearing girl's pyjamas" B***** T******* 
"My balls have long since given up trusting me" B***** T******** 
"Oh look, I think I can see a teat." B***** T******(Regarding Rory's pork pie ingredients) 
"If it's gonna be a short one then it's gotta be deep" C******* H***** 
"It was like getting hit in the face by a high powered-pancake" Claire McG 
"He speared me in the ass" Claire McG 
Knock knock. I'm here to **** you Emily S 
"Woof!!!" Emily S 
"I'm so waterlogged, I feel like a Jellyfish" G***** B********* 
"*** is a bit like the canoe club bike, isn't she..." Gina W 
"Oooh I've found the hole, I already had my finger in it." Gina W 
"I wouldn't know, I've never nursed a semi before." Gina W 
"You just have to suck your bum up" Gina W 
"If I could just sit and stare at him, all my problems would be over" Gina W (about Hugo) 
"A herd of penii stampeding across the glen." G***** S******* 
"I've got two testicles full of yolo and I'm ready to unburden them." Huge-O F 
"Futility is the spice of life." Hugo F 
"The occasional 'Wylesturbation' is keeping me afloat in these tough times." Hugo F 
"That's the worst thing to happen to Tim's self esteem since a mirror" J****** H*** 
Alright! I've done much worse things than make a shit rocking chair J**** H******* 
"So now I'm in a car crash... I liked it much better when I was jumping off 2 and a half elephants." J***** Mc****** (When trying to find an analogy for the Falls of Falloch) 
"That's how we do it in our hood bitches, the canoe hood!" Jon H (Whilst overtaking a maserati in the vengabus) 
"Do I look like a complete bellend?" Jon W 
"I'm hoping I'll be as f*cked as the Greek economy so I don't care what I wear." Jon W 
(Regarding Rory) "Now there's a Munro I'd like to bag." Jon W 
"To be honest, as long as I don't do a green poo, any hangover is better than SUS." Jon W 
"I'm pretty sure any line that results in you doing a 25 footer upside down is wrong..." Jon W 
"He put his hand in your mouth!" "Yeah, that wasn't ideal" Jon W and Sarah M 
"I've never sat in a buoyancy aid and flicked a man's nipple before." J*** S***** 
"It's a lot easier if you stand behind me." J*** S***** 
"I want to be a man." K***** M******* 
"I hope there's balls under there." K***** M********* 
"Did you see me self rescue with my face off that rock?" M**** S**** 
It's not a fucking sphincter!  N****** 
"When I look in the Mirror of Erised, I see Jon Wyles." P***** J****** 
"Screw the rules, I have beauty." Rory M 
"So if it all gets too much for me, I know I can go into the bar for some Jon Wyles time." Rory M 
"Let's play tickle the Zambian." Rory M 
"Jon Wyles cannot dress wrongly." Rory M 
"Potentially fun"?! I guess, if you had your fun gland surgically removed first! Rory M 
"Mate on Thursday I'm gonna be so happy I'm a whip my c*** out and wave it all over the place. Safety..." Rory M (regarding the end of exams) 
"In Russia every day is raisin weekend." Russian Andre 
"But Sam it's just water!" "I hate water!!" Sam L 
"I like it when it's casual and just with girls." Sarah M 
"I'm like a seal. AWRF! AWRF!" Sarah M 
"Right, I'm off to perform an abortion on a chicken." Tim C 
"I'd bet my central testicle." Tim C 
"Can I have a YOLO and coke please." Tim C 
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